Meet The Team


Paula Vernon – International Manager

Paula travels regularly to Thailand and Malaysia, training staff in our Gorgeous Getaways culture.   Her strengths in customer services ensure that all team members are skilled and focused in delivering the best possible experience to our clients. Having undergone her own surgery journey Paula believes she is a walking, talking, living advertisement for Gorgeous Getaways.  To get a no obligation quote, contact Paula:


Nikki Carlson – Client Consultant

Nikki is New Zealand born and bred and brings a wealth of experiences to our team. Having undergone her own surgery journey, she understands the needs and emotions that go into making informed decisions. Nikki is focused on obtaining the best experience for Gorgeous Getaways’ clients.


Kiran Sachdev – Client Consultant

Kiran was born and raised in Malaysia. She later went to Melbourne, Australia to complete her Bachelor’s Degree.  Kiran then migrated to British Columbia, Canada and worked with one of Canada’s leading banking organizations. She has extensive experience in Customer Service Management and knows how to meet and exceed the expectations of Gorgeous Getaways’ clients.


Sooria Kumari – Customer Service Manager/Nurse

Kumari is a Registered Nurse with the Malaysian Board of Nursing. She was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She has completed her MBA majoring in Health Care Management and has long term experience in both Nursing and Medicine.  Prior to being employed with Gorgeous Getaways, Kumari has experience working as a clinical tutor/lecturer in a well-known nursing college and was also the Matron in Damai Service Hospital.  She is very experienced in her field and is very passionate about her job.  She always believes that team work and great effort is a great key to success. She looks forward to assisting clients throughout their surgery holiday and provide the best nursing care and assistance to her clients.


Amrit Kaur – Administration Assistant, Malaysia

Amrit was born in Malaysia. She has graduated from University Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) with Bachelor of Computers (Hons).  Her role in the Administration team in Gorgeous Getaways includes all aspects of our clients booking, including booking accommodations, generating itineraries and assisting with client enquiries.  Once your booking is made any enquiry on the booking status, Amrit is your first response.


 Victoria Pakhomova – Client Services Manager – Phuket, Thailand

Victoria has years of customer service experience and shares her knowledge of the wonderful life style in Phuket with our clients.  Fully supporting her clients, she is very caring and focused on the journey of each person throughout their stay in Phuket.


 Augustine – Driver – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Born and raised in Malaysian, Augustine is patient and respectful when driving clients to their destinations. He knows all the best routes to take, helping to eliminate being stuck in traffic jams, getting our clients to their appointments in the most relaxed and hassle free way possible.