Be A Case Study

As you know, embarking on a surgery holiday is fraught with nerves and anxieties, and most people love to read past accounts of people who have travelled with us on a surgery holiday.

We also would appreciate you sharing your photos with others – please mark the box below if you don’t mind us posting your photos on the website.

We only ever use first names, but if you prefer to be anonymous, then let us know and we can change your name.

This is invaluable information to people who are considering surgery, and we thank you for your time to fill out this form.

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  • Your story

    Write an honest account of your surgery holiday - it doesn't need to be lengthy, just as precise as possible.
  • Background:

    1. When and why did you consider plastic surgery?
    2. What bothered you most about your appearance and how long did that persist?
    3. What were events surrounding your decision to go ahead? Was it because:
      • You could combine your holiday with a romantic trip with your partner?
      • Did your partner or friend pay for your surgery holiday for your birthday or Christmas present?
      • Did you travel with your mother, daughter or friends who had surgery as well?
      • Was there any other unusual events surrounding the planning of your holiday?
      • Any other reasons?

  • Decision:

    1. When and why did you consider plastic surgery? Why was this the only way you could improve yourself?
    2. What bothered you most about your appearance and how long did that persist?
    3. Did you consult any surgeons at home?
    4. Why did you choose a surgery holiday rather than surgery at home?
    5. Why choose Gorgeous Getaways? Did you plan your trip with friends you met during our Get-Together events?
    6. Were you nervous before your holiday? Did you tell anyone about your holiday?

  • Your first impressions upon arrival and your surgery:

    1. What did you think of the:
      - Surgeon
      - Hospital and staff
      - GG support staff
    2. When did you start to relax? How did you feel just before and after surgery?
    3. When were you discharged?

  • Recovery and holiday:

    1. Do tell us about your recovery process:
      - How many days did it take for you to be up and about?
      - What steps did you take to help recovery?
    2. What activities or treatments did you do on your holiday and what would you recommend to others?
    3. Did anything unusual happen on your holiday?
    4. How did you feel to be going home? Thrilled, confident, nervous?

  • New and positive life changes:

    1. Please comment on your new look - the way you feel, what others have told you, etc.
    2. How has your life improved? What is possible now, but NEVER possible before surgery? Goals, dreams, relationships, career etc.
      Your life changes could be something as trivial/fun as finding clothes in the teenage dept; something challenging as a new business, finding a new younger sexy man or even something obscure...! Your experience would really inspire like-minded people who were nervous like you!

  • Recommendations:

    1. Do you have useful tips you've learnt on your holiday?
    2. What is your advice to someone who is considering having the same procedure(s)?
    3. What do you think are the main benefits of choosing Gorgeous Getaways? Service, support, professionalism? Would you recommend us to your friends and family?