Dr Wong – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Our Facelift Specialist.

Your choice for a surgeon shouldn’t just be the price. All our recommended surgeons ensure significant savings in comparison with prices at home. It is important that you also consider their working styles to match your personality and goals of surgery.

Some are specialists in particular areas of the body while some will undertake multiple procedures. It is worth looking at past patients’ experience to help to guide your choice. Your surgeon is the key person in your planned holiday in Malaysia because you rely totally on him/her for technical advice, surgical skill and post-operative care.  In Malaysia and other south-eastern Asian countries, all follow up care is tightly directed by the surgeon, whereas in Western countries, nursing care takes more precedence.

To have a better ‘patient to surgeon’ match, we have put together some relevant information together about surgeons we have worked with and can safely recommend. This way, you can choose your surgeon by getting a feel about his personality and the way he works before you meet with him.

Tip: Please book your surgeon carefully: don’t choose purely based on price, instead, consider the surgeon’s skills, bedside manner and the hospital quality. We do offer budget options for those who are having straightforward single procedures, if you are having multiple surgeries, then please consider your surgeon choice very carefully.
Dr. Wong

Dr. Wong – PPS

Dr. Wong CV

The most experienced plastic surgeon in Malaysia (30 years), with a preference for local anesthetic/twilight sedation for facelifts. Dr Wong is known to be direct and to the point, he is a very clear communicator, so he is the best choice for those looking for an experienced, excellent surgeon

Surgery specialization: Facelifts done under twilight sedation for less risks and faster recovery, Breast augmentation, Tummy tuck

Age: Mid 50’s

Personality: Dr Wong is an extremely professional surgeon who gives direct and precise answers. He knows what he wants and doesn’t want and he is very upfront to patients. He is a no-nonsense surgeon who is very direct with patients, but once you get to know him he does present a softer side. He is extremely thorough in his consultations – he will tell you what can and cannot be done. He is extremely confident and has the past experience and happy patients to back his confidence up!

Pros: He has longer consultations and will go out of his way for patients to see them often for consultations or follow up. Dr Wong is known for his excellent suture work.

Cons: Can have a direct no-nonsense approach at first. He really is quite passionate about surgery and will make sure that all his patients understand their surgery and there are no miscommunications. Once the communication process starts, you will see that he is a very nice man to speak and deal with and he shows care and concern to his patients. He also takes lots and lots of photos throughout the surgery so if you are not squeamish, you can ask for these photos of your surgery!

Best for: Patients who want the best facial surgeon and will not be put off by his direct manner. Dr Wong may appear overly directive with staff and patients and this is probably his personality, but he is absolutely the best surgeon for facelifts.

Dr. Tan

Dr. Tan – SMC

Dr. Tan CV

Dr. Tan is a very kind, gentle man who gives lots of time for his patient. He is the best choice for people on a really strict budget and who still want a reliable surgeon at a hospital with excellent facilities.

Surgery specialization: Breasts, Liposuction, Tummy tucks, CO2 laser

Age: Late 40’s

Personality: Dr Tan is a very caring surgeon; he spends a lot of time with clients and also pays significant attention to ensuring appropriate follow-up. He also manages his diary effectively to ensure he has sufficient time for patients and rarely works late or long hours.

Pros: He is very easy to speak with and communicates clearly with long and thorough consultations.

Cons: Dr Tan is best for standard, straightforward and non-complicated single cases.

Best for: Patients who are straightforward, non-complicated, and who are on a set budget and want a good surgeon and hospital.