Zap the Fat – Liposuction

Surgeons: Dr Sanguan, Dr Witoon, Dr Veerawat, Dr Piyapas, Dr Rushapol, Dr Pongsatorn, Dr Poonsak, Dr Narupon, Dr Thanakom, Dr Pariyna Dr Visnu

Procedure: Liposuction

1st Area Price for Surgery: approx 85,000 THB (approx conversions: $3,200 AUD/ $2,430 USD/ £1,710 GBP/ $3,545 NZD)

Each Additional Area Price for Surgery: approx 35,000 THB (approx conversions: $1,320 AUD/ $1,050 USD/ £3,815 GBP/ $1,465 NZD)

Please note: Approximate Conversion Rates change all the time. To help you convert the costs from Thai Baht (THB) to the currency in your country here is a link to the Currency Convertor I use –

Also, prices are approximates and may change once you receive feedback from the Surgeon


Price includes:
1 – 3 nights stay (if needed) – all further nights are chargeable
– Private Hospital Fees, Anesthetist, Theatre and Surgery, Pathology, X-ray fees
– Surgeon’s fees + pre and post surgery consultations as necessary
-All dressings and medications inclusive, depending on the  type of medication required

**Clients will need to supply or purchase their own compression garments if these are deemed necessary for their procedure undertaken**

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