5 Easy Steps to your Cosmetic Surgery Holiday

There are just 5 easy steps to your complete cosmetic surgery holiday makeover with Gorgeous Getaways. No matter where you are in the world, we offer professional plastic surgery support and our team will provide you with an easy and enjoyable experience from start to finish. 

Step 1: Submitting an Enquiry

The first step to booking with Gorgeous Getaways is to submit an inquiry. The inquiry form allows our team to determine what you are looking for and point you in the right direction. Upon submitting an inquiry you will be sent an email that will give you more information and the next steps. If you are interested in packages, we will send you a separate email just for packages. Our goal is to provide you with professional plastic surgery support.

If you would like to fill out the inquiry form please click here.

Step 2: Sending Photos

To assist us in providing a no-obligation quote (to your email) for your cosmetic plastic surgery/cosmetic surgery holiday treatment, it is recommended that you send us your photos. You can send us your photos via an easy online HIPAA-compliant confidential form as we do not recommend sending photos over the internet. Simply click on request a firm quote. We will confirm once we receive them.

Step 3: Travel Confirmation

  • Following the receipt of your firm quote request, we will be able to forward securely to the surgeon in your preferred destination. The surgeon will require these to guarantee your price will not change as our quotes are based on non-complicated standards within normal ranges of body types. On arrival and following your surgical consultation you can change any of the procedures if you wish.
  • We will let you know the length of time you will need to spend at your destination, and estimate all charges. If you decide to confirm your surgery treatment, you can complete the online booking form with includes completion of some basic travel and accommodation information.
  • To complete the cosmetic surgery holiday confirmation you will be required to pre-pay the accommodation portion (if booking your accommodation with us) or provide a small deposit (provided by your destination manager) fully refundable deposit either by credit card or bank transfer. This will be charged in USD. As our accommodation packages are very affordable and space is limited please note that a minimal deposit is required to cover the costs of reserving accommodation and the surgeon.

Step 4: Scheduling/Itinerary

Following receipt of payment for your accommodation or surgical deposit we will prepare your personalized itinerary and send it to you, including the following information with regards to your cosmetic plastic surgery and your stay at your destination:

Your personalized Itinerary Includes the following:

  • Receipt of payment
  • Pre-operative medical consultation dates and the required medical tests
  • Dates of your cosmetic plastic surgery
  • Hotel reservations while having cosmetic plastic surgery overseas
  • Local transportation in your location
  • Lists of pre-operative cosmetic plastic surgery instructions
  • Schedule your package
  • Surgery post-operative information

Step 5: Arrival At Your Destination

Your Gorgeous Getaways Destination Manager will provide you with all details of your trip at least 30 days prior to departure. This will include any details of airport arrival, accommodation, and any local transportation details.  Please read your itinerary prior to departure and let us know if you have any questions or need clarification.

All Destination managers are dedicated employees of Gorgeous Getaways and will look after you remotely during your entire stay. They will review all aspects of your itinerary and reconfirm all your scheduled appointments as well as provide any post-care support when you return home.

Accommodation packages include our standard service package and varies from destination. Please confirm the services you require in advance with your destination manager at any time during your booking. Start your professional plastic surgery journey with us today.