About the Program

The 5% cashback rewards program is offered by Gorgeous Getaways (GG) exclusively to it’s members.  Members can choose to apply the 5% cashback incentive towards an existing booking, or receive as a cashback following treatment completion.  The GG partner management team work closely with each partner (hospital/clinic) to provide the best values, promotions and pricing to our joint members.

Eligibility Criteria:

Key Features:

  • 5% cash-back on any current procedures or products
  • Can be applied as a discount on an existing booking, or as a cash-back incentive following treatment completion

Why It’s A Winner:

  • Gorgeous Getaways membership offers more cashback in any procedures or products featured on the Gorgeous Getaways marketplace.
  • You earn 4% cashback on procedures booked through an approved partner on the marketplace.
  • Gorgeous Getaways also lets you earn an additional 2% cashback on any booked referral. There is no limit to the number of referrals
  • Members are also covered with Gorgeous Getaways Care Plus policy

Rules and Regulations

  • Cashback program can be applied to the current booking as a discount or accrued for future purchases
  • Not valid with existing promotions
  • Only valid on identified procedures that are cash-back eligible
  • Member must be accepted and approved by the partner as medically eligible for the procedures
  • Cancellation will waive the cashback incentive
  • Incentives must be used within the same year as booking

Example:  Breast Augmentation = $5k USD

Rebate = $ 250 USD (or equivalent in converted fees)