Sarah, Victoria, Australia.

All my questions were answered, the service was friendly, welcoming, efficient and effortless. Kael was my contact in Bangkok and she also was exceptional!! I just loved her friendly nature, she made me feel relaxed, and that I was in the right hands. She was available whenever I needed her, always with a big warm smile and reassuring words!! I feel I made a friend for life!!

Ataahua, NZ.

I had 8 veneers in Phuket, Thailand. Amazing assistance from Nikki, Victoria and the rest of the team at Gorgeous Getaways. Outstanding professionalism and guidance throughout the entire process. Highly recommended. Thank you very much.

Lisa, Australia.

The service from Paula at Gorgeous Getaways before I left was absolutely great, even though the time zones can be a bit off, she always got back to me within a day.  My package included a nice hotel, and lifts to and from the airport. If I was getting liposuction in Australia, it would be triple the price, it wouldn’t include where I’m staying, it wouldn’t include after care! A few days after my procedure in Bangkok my CSM Kael took us to lunch and a few tours. You’re never without your agent, she’s always there it was just really brilliant, just what you want in an agent! I can just say that I do recommend this company I’m just so happy with it, everything was perfect. I never felt lost, I never felt that I couldn’t communicate, I never felt nervous or anxious. I was really happy with it. I have to say thank you so much to everyone, for making it so easy for me and just putting me at ease. Thank you so much.

Samantha, Canada.

I went to Bangkok with my parents to get rhinoplasty and my upper eye-lids done. Even though I am in my late 20’s I had always been self-conscious with my hooded eyelids, and bulbous nose. Dealing with Rachel and the team in North America was a great experience. Everything was so well organized and I did not have to worry about anything. When we arrived we were picked up and taken to the Riverine Serviced apartments where we were later greeted by Kael our local service manager. Yanhee is an amazing hospital and did everything to make me comfortable. Once I was feeling better, we moved to central Bangkok to stay at the Continent Hotel in Bangkok and it was a great change of pace. I cannot thank the GG team enough, from consultation to coordination, to arrival – the whole experience – was really effortless. I am thrilled with the results and would recommend Gorgeous Getaways to anyone.

Amanda, NZ.

There was clear communication right from the start. Nikki my client consultant in NZ, was very thorough and organized which was a huge contrast from another company I had dealt with. I was relieved to finally have someone listen, and take me seriously, it made me feel safe. I was so happy, Nikki couldn’t have done more for me it was awesome. It was all perfect. Victoria, my client manager in Phuket was my ray of sunshine. She was really good with my partner and my son telling them about all the things they could do in Phuket. It was weird being in a new country you don’t know, so that was wonderful. And she stayed with me all the way through, even holding my hand as they put me under. I had never met her before but she was a really warm person, I gelled with her straight away I felt like I had met a new friend.

Leesa, Queensland, Australia.

Gorgeous Getaways has helped me to have a very relaxed stress free surgery in Kuala Lumpar. Augustine was waiting outside customs with a sign of my name so i didn’t have to try and find him at all. I was treated like a celebrity, he took my bag and was given a very warm welcome from him. I was then driven to the Hospital by Augustine in a very nice comfortable, stress free ride into town. After my Hospital stay i was then greeted by a lovely lady Kumari!! She is an exceptional lovely lady, so so nice. Augustine and Kumari then took me to the beautiful Pullman Hotel where my room was amazing!! Kumari stayed with me while i checked in, which was fabulous as in case of language differences Kumari was there to translate for me.
My stay in the hotel was very relaxing, i was able to be in touch with Kumari everyday and didn’t matter what time of the day it was. Kumari, is a very caring, easy to talk lovely lady. I would recommend Gorgeous Getaways to any one considering having surgery over seas. They take all the stress out of going to a different country. Thank you so much for helping me change my life.

Angela, Melbourne, Australia.

This was an important trip for my husband and myself, and I found the initial groundwork to begin the process of my facelift and dental work for my husband via email extremely efficient and easy. I knew Gorgeous Getaways were only a phone call away, but felt no real need to phone anyone. My husband and I were very fortunate to be supported throughout the 2 weeks by Kumari and our driver Augustine. Kumari is a lovely lady who was both very professional as well as friendly. In the days we did not need to go to appointments, Kumari phoned to touch base. This was extremely reassuring for me especially.
Gorgeous Getaways has a great team.

Nicola, NZ.

My client service manager Kael was adorable. We spent so much time together, she would stay at my hotel till late and even brought me dessert on my birthday because I was there on my own. When we drove into the city for outings she made me feel safe, the traffic was mind boggling with cars and motorbikes flying all around us! The drivers who took me to and from the hospital, and airport were lovely too, each trip they carried my luggage, opened my doors and there was always a good morning. I couldn’t fault them they were gorgeous.

Susan, Queensland, Australia.

We would absolutely recommend Gorgeous Getaways, they were very supportive. It felt like someone was holding our hand the whole way, we really didn’t have to think about anything other than booking my flight. They take care of all the communication with the hospital. Everything is organised by Gorgeous Getaways. You go in with a company like Gorgeous Getaways who are there holding your hand basically, it’s a no brainer. You’re chaperoned the whole way, there’s nothing to worry about.

Josie, Australia.

I traveled on my own and was absolutely fine! I actually felt like a VIP from when I first arrived at the airport with a driver from GG holding a sign with my name on it until I had to leave. Once you get there you are so well looked after by the GG ladies. They are the best. They organize everything appointments, transport to and from & outings if you want to see something. There is also a weekly get together with other patients I found it great to be with others in a similar situation.

I chose to stay at the Swiss Apartments in Malaysia and I was not disappointed, it was beautiful. When I will want to go back for future touch up surgery I will definitely use GG again and I would recommend Gorgeous Getaways to anyone, for a well organized, professional surgery/holiday.

Susan, England.

Gorgeous Getaways come highly recommended by myself and my family. I was looked after by the staff of GG from the time I contacted them and beyond. I traveled by myself and was chauffeured just about everywhere. The hospital, its staff and surgeons are faultless. The quality of care I received was amazing. And the hotel….WOW. It is breathtaking.

Julie & Lucy, Australia.

From arriving at KL airport to the day we left, we were both treated in a friendly happy manner by all members of GG. The package was superb and we had a wonderful time with the GG team who are all lovely people, the one person who made our stay extra special and we would like to praise her was Julianna – she is a credit to GG. I feel I made a special friend in Julianna and I will miss her very much.

Susan, Australia.

I have sent some emails to your staff thanking them for the attention they gave to my every needs whilst over in Malaysia. I am so happy with my FL from Dr. Jalil it is everything I wanted! Also I just want to congratulate you and your staff for doing everything and more to make myself and my husband’s stay everything that you advertise. I would recommend GG to anyone that is considering going overseas for surgery using your company.

Philamae, Australia.

What a super lovely bunch of people at Gorgeous – all the lovely GG managers that my husband Jay has been teasing, as well as Dr. Nasir and the staff at the hospital. Thank you ALL so much – all’s going smoothly and soreness is bearable BECAUSE of the loveliness and smiles.
Please forward my genuine appreciation of all the people that have helped me (GG managers, frontline, online) as well as to the boss!

Natalie, Australia.

Being about 6 weeks since my BA operation in KL, I want to email the GG team and thank all of you for your help and support. I am so glad that I decided to have the operation organised through GG. I am going along well and although I still have chest pains occasionally, I am pretty much recovered!

The decision to have a BA was a huge decision for me to make personally, I want to thank you for answering all of my questions, often asked through my mum when I was away- that was a big help in making my decision. Over in KL, the support and guidance that the team – and Ann in particular – gave me was second to none. I felt like I always had someone to talk to if I had any concerns about the op and the recovery. There was someone with me every step of the way. I had a better understanding of what to expect after the op and they reassured me that what I was experiencing was normal.

I know my mum and my grandma -my family support team- also raved about the GG team as well. Not only did the team help me, they helped Mum and Grandma with “touristy” advice, included them in the Chinese lunch, and even took them along to the night markets when at the last minute I didn’t feel up to it.
Dr. Nasir was so easy to talk to, and so professional. He spent time easing my fears, reassuring me and making sure the end result would be what I was after.

Gloria, NSW, Australia.

I contacted Gorgeous Getaways after seeing them on TV, and experienced great service from the staff. The information I received from Nikki left me feeling confident to arrive. Once in Phuket I was looked after by Victoria, she was very informative and was on top of my appointments. Since arriving home I have received good follow up service, the email contact has been constant. I would recommend Gorgeous Getaways to anyone who will listen!