Barcelona is a top destination for International Tourists in Spain, with its absolutely amazing attractions like “La Sagrada Familia” or Park Güell featuring the remarkable designs of Architect Antoni Gaudi. While we wait for the travel restrictions to end soon, and you are able to visit this fabulous spot, I encourage you to take advantage of telemedicine and talk to your doctor about your upcoming surgery. Telemedicine is a very practical way to have your surgeon’s consultation right at home, whether it is using your computer, laptop, or smartphone. This is a new way for you to know the cosmetic surgeon opinion about your case, as well as their recommendations of what is best for you. It is fun, it is interesting and it can only take 20 mins.

Robert’s Telemedicine Journey

Recently one of our members decided to go ahead with 20 mins. teleconsultation with Dr. Benavides, Cosmetic Surgeon at Galenia Hospital (JCI) in Cancun. But Robert wanted a second opinión and decided to try Barcelona as an alternative destination. Robert had already an assessment for Eyelid Surgery and Rhytidectomy, so he was curious about Dr. Javier Herrero Jover’s feedback on his case.

Dr. Javier Herrero Jover

Dr. Herrero Jover studied medicine at the Central University of Barcelona and years later he obtained his master’s degree in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In 2005, he founded Alma IT Systems specialized in software development for medical imaging, and he has international recognition because of his participation in various scientific societies, such SECPRE, SEMAL, SBCP, ISCAS and EUROPACS. He is also a consultant at IFCARS and President of MICARS. (Mediterranean Institute of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery).

Telemedicine Process

I contacted Teknon Medical Center in order to ask availability, and they had for the next week, so I proceeded to set the appointment using our TaqTik Health zoom platform. Dr. Herrero Jover already had Robert’s medical history and photos, which were crucial to assessing if he was a good candidate for Eyelid Surgery.

Teleconsultation Day

Right on time, Dr. Herrero Jover and his Patient Coordinator connected with Robert and he said that everything went smoothly. The doctor was very friendly and explained about the eyelid surgery and how to get the best results according to Robert’s expectations, and he recommended a 5 day stay in Barcelona for a perfect full recovery. Just great!

Visiting Barcelona

Spain is scheduled to be ready on June 1st, 2020, and according to the completely clean and verification program, there are protocols set in motion for you to be safe and comfortable while you enjoy your stay. I can assure you that you will be in the best of hands and that your medical journey will be an exciting and memorable one.