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“one-stop shop” for all
your medical travel needs.

Taqtik, a world leader in cosmetic surgery travel, has helped hundreds of men and women find the highest quality doctors operating in modern medical facilities throughout the world. Our attention to service will make your trip and procedures as stress-free and comfortable as possible. Taqtik really is the “one-stop shop” for all your medical travel needs.

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“I’ve picked up a lot of confidence, I never wanted a bikini body but I could easily wear one, it’s impressive!”
Nicola Ball, Whangamata, NZ

Our World-Class Destinations

Save thousands of dollars while spending your
recovery in beautiful world-class destinations.

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Our doctors have trained at the world’s leading medical institutions and have extensive experience in all the procedures we offer. They also have international and/or national accreditations that ensure that they comply with the best clinical and business practices.
Gorgeous Getaways also requires that hospitals and clinics comply with all local regulations regarding proper licensing of facilities, as well as licenses and certifications of all clinical staff. We also visit each facility to confirm that it meets the very highest standards of comfort, convenience, and services that you should expect.
Before and after your procedure, you will settle into a place of total ease and beauty … free of worries or distractions. Let Gorgeous Getaways help you choose from among the most comfortable accommodations with special package prices at fabulous resorts throughout the world.
We’ll take care of all the arrangements. Airport transportation, hotel bookings, even your prescriptions are included in most of our packages. And for extra peace-of-mind, there’s Gorgeous Getaway’s exclusive CarePlus™ Policy. Experience the difference TaqTik’s care and service makes. We’re sure you’ll agree that it’s the the only way to travel.
Get Gorgeous Getaways’ personalized FirmQuote for an estimate of how much you’ll save versus the typical cost of your procedure done at home. The costs are so low that you might be tempted to have other procedures done at the same time or share the experience with a friend or loved one!


“I would 100% recommend GG, the best service, really professional made me feel really relaxed and comfortable, I felt really well looked after”.
Laura Dillon, Auckland, NZ


It still looks really natural, just much fuller. It’s wonderful I couldn’t be happier with the results!”
Linda Britt, US Military Post, Japan