marjan final pic

Marjan, Australia

Procedure: Face-lift. Hospital: Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre. Destination: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Surgeon: Dr Nasir

I wasn’t nervous, I felt like I was in such good hands! Kumari was there and the establishment looked so clean and welcoming. I didn’t have any concerns.

While recovering from surgery I was able to look around at the more exclusive designer shops, examining the materials and looking at what they’re making and taking advantage of the yummy food available in Malaysia.

Dr Nasir told me I would look 20 years younger and I asked him just to keep it natural and I mainly wanted to look refreshed, I didn’t want to look too forced or pushed around. I didn’t want to look too strained or unable to change my face emotionally. He’s very clever at what he does, he did a great job!

Four weeks after my procedure I’m feeling good! I’m happy with the support I received in Malaysia, because feeling supported is so important in such times. The fact that I had Kumari to chat with all the time if I wanted to made all the difference. It was nice also to have a nurse to chat to, all my problems seemed really minor after talking to Kumari. And knowing that whenever I had a doctors visit or if I had any concerns I could chat with her and it would be immediately solved which was great. Her rapport with the staff was really fabulous. She was able to recommend all the good restaurants too.

I really enjoyed the city of Kuala Lumpur, it was really fun meeting various people and I could go around with my scarf to cover up bandages, and fitted right in because I looked like a local Muslim woman.

Augustine was also really lovely, he would give me tips on local customs and restaurants to visit he was very personable. He was always on the job in the busy traffic, so it was lovely not to have that concern. Wherever I wanted to go he was there. The resting was great, I was able to get all the rest I needed and go out if I wanted to so the system worked great for me.

Now I’m back home people are reacting in different ways, some think that I’ve had a different hair do, or that I’ve changed my glasses and the people that do know have been really impressed with my progress. Most people can tell that somethings different, but they’re not sure what! So I’m so pleased with the natural results, that’s exactly what I wanted. I love it!
It was lovely to have the opportunity and I’m pleased I took advantage of it.