Gorgeous Getaway’s International Manager has worked in the medical tourism industry for over ten years, and manages and supports GG staff in New Zealand, Malaysia and Thailand. Paula works with partners in Thailand and Malaysia to ensure the best services for our clients. Having undergone her own surgery journey Paula
believes she is a walking, talking, living advertisement for Gorgeous Getaways. Here she introduces us to the rest of the team!


Nikki Carlson – Client Consultant

Working out of New Zealand, Nikki brings a wealth of experience to the team. After completing her own surgical journey, she loves being about to help others going through similar experiences, providing emotional support and guidance. Nikki is focused on obtaining the best experience for Gorgeous Getaways’ clients


Melanie McGregor – Client Engagement Manager

Client Engagement Manager, Mel is the first person you’ll speak to when contacting Gorgeous Getaways. Mel has the customer service experience and attention to detail needed to support clients. You can be confident that Mel will deliver the best client experience for you, as you begin your medical journey with us.


Juliana De Silva – Customer Care Coordinator Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Juliana has years of experience dealing with people from all walks of life. Born in Malaysia she is one of the minority races found in Malaysia a Singhalese whose ancestors are from Sri Lanka. She has a lot of experience dealing with client care in the hospitality and travel industry. Juliana has recently returned to Gorgeous Getaways where she was previously a Client Services Manager for several years. She is a people’s person and absolutely enjoys assisting clients throughout their surgery holiday, and we are glad to have her on our team again.


Sooria Kumari – Customer Service Manager/Nurse Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Kumari is a Registered Malaysia Nurse, who completed her MBA majoring in Health Care Management in Malaysia. In addition to her qualifications, Kumari has worked as a clinical tutor/lecturer for nursing students, and was also the Matron in Damai Service Hospital.  It’s fair to say that Kumari has the experience and passion that is essential to customer care, and provides five star service to every client.


Augustine – Driver Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Local Malaysian Augustine, is patient and respectful when driving clients to their destinations. Growing up in the area, he knows all the best routes around the city. Augustine easily navigates through Kuala Lumpur’s heavy traffic (avoiding the traffic jams!) and to their appointments relaxed and on time.

Victoria Pakhomova

Victoria Pakhomova – Client Services Manager Phuket, Thailand

Originally from Russia, Victoria and her family moved to Thailand to enjoy the unique beach side lifestyle of Phuket. Victoria has years of customer service experience, and shares her valuable local knowledge with our clients.  Medical travelers visiting Phuket receive Victoria’s full support and care throughout their stay.