Patrice, Beauty and the Beach, Season One.

Procedures: Facelift, Eye Lift. Hospital: Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute, Phuket, Thailand. Surgeon: Dr Rushapol.

Patrice is a 49 year old business owner who has been living in New Delhi, India for the last 20 years and operating the clothing company Dean Alan.

Working in the fashion industry, and modeling clothes for the Dean Alan website, she started to feel self-conscious and unhappy with her face. What she saw looking back at her in pictures, was not the youthful woman she felt inside, but in her eyes a wrinkly old woman. Seeing and feeling the deterioration of her youth, Patrice was hoping a Face Lift procedure would help her to feel more confident, and to look as great as she felt!

It wasn’t all smooth sailing for Patrice on Beauty and the Beach. We see her deep disappointment when the surgeons decide she will have to wait to her her surgery. A thyroid condition meant that Patrice had to have a course of medication before it was safe to operate.

After a long and agonizing weight, as she watched her new friends from the show under go their dream transformations, Patrice was the last to have her surgery completed. Now she says it was well worth the wait, and we follow her journey with an interview, and pictures here!

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