What You Need to Know About Multiple Procedures

If you are considering more than one procedure, or combining surgery procedures, there is safety and health concerns that you need to know before deciding on your surgery holiday.
Many people who have experienced fat and weight loss – often through gastric bypass/banding – along with the forces of ageing, may consider surgery for body contouring and facial rejuvenation.

With significant weight loss and ageing, the remaining skin will not retain the elasticity required to shrink naturally. The fat will disappear but unsightly hanging skin will remain that can never be dieted or exercised away. Through body shaping, liposuction and body tucks, your surgeon can remove this excess fat and skin and create a contoured shape for the body and face.

Deciding on your body and face lift will take more preparation and planning than single procedures. When planning your surgery, you need to be concerned with:

  • Choice of procedures
  • Choice of surgeon and hospital
  • Post surgery support and service
  • Price

Choice of Procedures
People who are facing significant weight loss and aging will have any combination of the following areas of concerns. Surgery treatments that are advised for each problem area are able to be carried out together or in separate procedures:

Treatment AreaProblemSurgery solution
FACESagging of nasiolabial area, jowls, excess skin over eyes, neck sagginessFacelift – “S” lift, including brow lift, neck lift, jowl lift and upper and lower eye lift
Sagging of under eye and nasiolabial areaLower Facelift
BREASTSagging breastsBreast lift or Breast Augmentation or a combination of both to improve shape and size
Oversized breastsBreast lift and reduction
ABDOMENExcess skin over the abdomen, lax abdominal musclesTummy Tuck – Mini, normal or extended
LEGSSagging skin (especially after weight loss)Thigh and buttocks lift
ARMSSagging skin under arms, between armpit and elbow (especially after weight loss)Arm lift
THIGHSSagging skin between and around inner thighs (especially after weight loss)Thigh lift

The exact nature of the procedures is a very individualized decision. The surgeon will assess your requests and examine your body and face and determine the surgery plan. These procedures will be determined by the surgeon and patient before you travel (through photos) and confirmed at the consultation.

Depending on your health and number of procedures requested, the surgeon will determine which procedures can be safely combined. In the case that 2 surgeries are recommended, he will tell you the plan for each surgery, with adequate recovery time between operations to ensure your full recovery and health before the next surgery.

Choice of Surgeon and Hospital
If you are considering more than 1 procedure in one operation, it is very important that you choose your surgeon and hospital very carefully. There are more surgery and operation risks associated with longer surgery times, and therefore you must choose your surgeon and hospital wisely.

Choose a surgeon who has a lot of experience in multiple procedures. Even if a surgeon has had many years experience, or has credentials from the UK or Australia, he/she might not necessarily have experience in long operation times.

Multiple procedures should always be carried out in a fully-equipped hospital that is operating to international quality standards, with full time medical team in attendance. To cut costs, many surgeons operate in clinics rather than hospitals, and without a full-time anesthetist in attendance, which is very dangerous for longer operating times, and should never be considered.

For example, Gorgeous Getaways recommends the following surgeons for multiple procedures in Malaysia:

Dr.Nasir at BWMC in Malaysia
Dr.Jalil at BWMC in Malaysia
Dr.Tan at Sunway Medical Centre in Malaysia

Over the years of research and working with many surgeons and hospitals, these are the only surgeons who has had consistently excellent results and flawless track record of patient safety with longer surgery times and multiple procedures.

Post surgery support and service
If you are considering multiple treatments, you will also need to consider the follow up support and service you receive after your surgery. This is particularly important when you are having multiple procedures, as the downtime will be longer, and you may have more concerns with bruising and swelling. You need access to carers at short notice and peace of mind that surgeon is available when you need it. If you travel overseas alone, most hospitals will not give any follow-up support, and you cannot be assured the surgeon will attend to you if you need him. Gorgeous Getaways’ managers on the ground are there 24 hours and will check on you daily after your surgery. They also have direct access to the hospital should you need medical care.

With our dedicated support and service on the ground, we specialize in patients who have longer procedures, and we have worked hard at providing what patients need for multiple procedures.

The price and value differences for surgery holidays are quite obvious, but Gorgeous Getaways has gone the extra mile to make the price and offer for multiple treatments even more accessible.

Many hospitals simply add the individual procedures together to get the final price for your multiple procedures. This is clearly not fair, as there are cost savings that are not being passed on to the patient.

Gorgeous Getaways has negotiated package prices with the hospital for multiple procedures, which includes a discount when procedures are done in the one surgery time. So your surgery is even more cost effective!

You can compare the price differences here

Please view our Ultimate Makeover package here

Please note that we do select our patients wisely, so you will need to reveal your prior medical history, medications, allergies and motivations for seeking plastic surgery. Please be thorough when providing this information as it helps to prevent complications. Also be honest about any prior psychiatric or depression episodes you may have. For patient safety, as this is an elective procedure, we only select patients who are healthy and have realistic expectations as to the results they want to achieve.

Know your stuff
Before booking your surgery, it is important to do the research that you need to be assured that you will get the right surgeon, hospital, prices, service and support that you need. Be careful when getting cheap quotes, and be sure to ask how many multiple procedures the surgeon has done.

We have gone to great lengths at providing the best packages, care and support and have managed many patients who have had multiple procedures successfully. Gorgeous Getaways is the only western operator in the world who provides full service support, to give you the care you need when you are traveling in a foreign country. We have done the research and have the results to assure you of quality. However, above anything it is the support that we excel in, taking care of you throughout your holiday.

If you have any questions about multiple procedures, please ask us here;