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Eyelids Upper and Lower (Blepharoplasty)-LA (PPSI)

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Blepharoplasty Upper AND Lower Eyelid (L.A.) Op. Time: 1 – 2 hours, Stay: 5 days



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Your PPSI Plastic Surgery Package Includes:

    • Admission to the hospital in a private room
    • Operating theater fee
    • Anesthetic fee
    • Surgical fee
    • Pre-operative screening (chest x-ray, complete blood cell count, and EKG)
    • Breast augmentation and breast lift clients will be provided with 1 complimentary post-op bra.
    • Follow up visit/s after the operation

PPSI includes the following complimentary services for procedures over 100,000 Thai Baht (THB);

    • 24-hour on-call post-operative care for emergency situations
    • Arranged and scheduled pre and post-surgery consultations with your surgeon/medical practitioner, as necessary
    • All ground transfers to/from the hospital and airport/hotel
    • Support with VISA and entry requirements
  • In addition, Gorgeous Getaways provides

    • Telephone/video patient advocate support when returning home with our Careplus policy which ensures we are there to support you should you have any post-surgery issues up to a year following surgery




Procedure or Treatment Time

1 to 2 hours


Local Anaesthesia (LA)

Location Destination

Phuket, Thailand


Thai Baht (THB)

Languages Spoken

English spoken widely by healthcare professionals, Thai

Treatment Category

Cosmetic Surgery

Hospital Nights

Day Surgery

Recommeded Stay

5 days recommended

Service Provider

Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute

You may be submerged in water at 3 weeks post-op as long as you dont have any open wounds. Its best to wait for 1 month before going in hot tubs because they typically harbor more bacteria than pools.

Blepharoplasty results tend to be very durable.  The skin of the eyelids is extremely thin and quickly becomes stretched out and redundant due to age, allergies, and just morning puffiness.  This thin, redundant skin is replaced with thicker brow skin, making the result long-lasting.

Blephs can change the shape if that is the intention, however, the goal of any cosmetic surgery is to refresh or restore the appearance of the eyelids to a more youthful look.

Normal swelling after eyelid surgery usually takes 6-8 weeks to completely resolve. Youll see more final results 12 weeks after surgery.

You may wear eye make-up to cover bruising after 10-14 days.

You may drive when you are off pain medication and can safely and comfortably maneuver the car; typically this is 5-10 days after surgery.

Typically sutures around the eyes are removed 3-5 days after surgery.

Bruising takes about 2 full weeks to completely resolve. After about 6-7 days, the bruising will turn from a purplish color to a more green/yellow; this will then fade by 2 weeks.

You may walk at any point, but strenuous exercise where you may raise your blood pressure should not be done for 2 weeks. After that period, you may begin to work up to your normal exercise routine, but begin slowly.

Most certainly.  Removal of the excess skin can improve the visual field, similar to taking off a tennis visor.

Anything that thins the blood i.e. aspirin, fish oil, etc. can cause significantly more bruising or possibly a hematoma.  These should be avoided for at least two weeks before surgery. Your surgeon should be notified before surgery, if you are on such medications.

Yes. Swelling in the eyelids is very normal, to the point that your eyes may feel hard to open. The swelling actually peaks at 24-48 hours after surgery and will then begin to decrease. You can sleep with your head slightly propped up to help the swelling drain down your face. Using ice during the first 24 hours is very helpful.

You may go on long car rides or fly on a plane a week after surgery, but you need to get up and walk around every 2-3 hours if possible.

Ice should be applied immediately after surgery on a 15 minutes on/15 minutes off basis for the first 48 hours.  This will significantly reduce post-operative swelling and bruising.  After 48 hours ice packs can be substituted with warm wash clothes applied two to three times a day.  It is important that the compresses are warm and not too hot to avoid burning the skin.  Excessive or strenuous activity should be avoided for two weeks post-op to avoid bleeding and a potential hematoma.  Eye make-up should be avoided for this same period to avoid irritation.  The eyelids tend to heal well with minimal effort from the patient and mostly require nothing more than time and patience.

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