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I have been meaning to get my review off to you for quite some time however only just remembered to sit down and do it. My name is Lea and I had a lower face and neck lift with Dr Steve Wong on July 18 2017. I cannot praise the wonderful GG staff enough who looked after me in Malaysia. The GG driver Augustine and my GG rep Kumari were just fantastic and I felt very secure with them looking after me. The hotel Pullman was also wonderful and the staff discreet at all times. I had done my research with my chosen Surgeon and liked Dr Steve Wong. I found I trusted him instantly. He is a professional, does not waste words so you know exactly what will be happening. HIs staff are very competent and just gorgeous people. The twilight surgery didn’t worry me unduly and you are very awake through the procedure – I think once the sedatives are administered you kind of allow yourself to relax. I did anyway. There was absolutely no pain or awfulness about it. The first week is pretty uncomfortable with sleeping almost upright and swelling but there is lots of support from GG and you have also several appointments with the surgeon. I had only nine days in KL after the surgery as I did bruise quite a bit which is something I do and would really liked to have stayed another four or five days just to make sure everything was going to be fine for the travel home. It is seven months from my surgery now and although there is still a slight feeling of ‘wearing a strap’ around my chin and ears I feel great. The difference in my confidence is enormous. I have absolutely no regret. I would not hesitate to book again with GG and hopefully Dr Wong. Thanking Dr Steve Wong, his wonderful Staff and the GG peeps Kumari and Augustine. You are all wonderful.

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