Sandy, NSW

Procedure: Full facelift with upper and lower blepharoplasty and submental lipectomy.

Surgeon: Dr Nasir.

Hospital: Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Arriving at the huge airport I was met by a lovely man named Augustine. He was so very helpful to both my partner and I. He was an absolute Gem of a man. He was really like a tour guide, explaining what everything was that we observed on our long journey to the Hotel. He was always on time to pick me up for appointments at the hospital. He even took u on a tour of KL , to Vatu Caves, a site I really wanted to see.If I lived in KL Id want to have him as my personal driver. Such a pleasant man.

The CSM,Kumari, I just loved this lady. She was such a calming influence on me when I was admitted and she was by my side when I was absolutely terrified of having the staples removed.She was constantly in touch with me every day ensuring my wounds were healing and that all my needs were met. Another Gem on your team. I will consider her a friend for life. She is such an empathic, caring lady and a very good nurse.

The staff at Beverley Wiltshire hospital were amazing and very gentle people. They cared for me very well. As for Dr Nasir, well what a gentleman, Loved him, and Im so very happy with the results of my facelift. I don’t feel like a 70 year old any more.

I would highly recommend  Gorgeous Getaways to anyone wanting cosmetic surgery. I would also recommend Lanson Place Ambassador Row where we stayed. My second time there. It was so well maintained, the food was great, the staff were very helpful and it was CHEAP!!!!