I have had BL/BA done with dr Jalil. Cant fault anywhere from pick up transfer to hospital staff at Beverly wilshire medical centre in Kuala Lumpur. Amazing each and every individual i came across.
Steph, Dr. Jalil.
A lot of people are worried about going overseas and a foreign doctor, and I say to them, have you ever met a doctor that is really Aussie? I’m from England, and all our doctors are foreign anyway! They all have a great education so it’s fine! And in Thailand they are more supportive, they do help you a bit more, they are a people that do take that extra step with you.
The hospital room at Yanhee was lovely which your own couch, bathroom and fridge. I even had a lovely view of the river. The nurses were absolutely fantastic, I wanted for nothing. They were there as soon as I buzzed, to get in and out of bed, or to get me water. They check on you every two hours and take your blood pressure and temperature.
It was brilliant, the hospital itself looked like a hotel. It was so clean and you felt so at home. They spoke pretty good English, you didn’t have to worry about anything like that.
Lisa, Dr. Chokchai Amornsawadwattana
On the day of the procedure I arrived at the hospital and was greeted by a beautiful, state of the art facility and welcoming friendly staff. I was immediately struck by the competency of the nurses, and their efficiency as they took me through my initial tests. Because of my asthma, I needed to meet strict requirements before surgery, which included full body scans, lung x-rays, and a consult with the asthma specialist.
The process was so thorough that I couldn’t help but compare it to New Zealand hospitals, where you could be waiting hours for just one test, or consultation. I also felt my surgeon Dr Rushapol, to be far more experienced than any plastic surgeon that would have been available in New Zealand, with hundreds of tummy tuck procedures performed and an impressive eye for detail.
I was in theatre for nine hours. Longer than the five hours I thought that it would take. But when I woke I was relieved to feel comfortable, and not in a huge amount of pain.
I had people in my room that were fussing over me every five minutes. I was treated like royalty. I had my own room, my own TV, my own couch for family to sit when they came to visit. I would totally recommend this to anyone is thinking about it.
Amanda, Dr Rushapol.
I was surprized at how comfortable I felt in a hospital far away from home…
I found the hospital staff at Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre to be fabulous, I can’t speak highly enough of them. I felt really relaxed, not like I was thousands of miles from home. Dr Jalil was great, he would always stop in on his way home to see how I was, and was genuinely interested in us chatting about our experiences in Malaysia, and making us feel welcome. So many people are too scared to go overseas for surgery, because of all the horror stories. That’s all you ever hear- the horror stories- you never hear of the good stories like this one. Now I’m spreading the word about Gorgeous Getaways, and a bunch of people that I know now want to have surgery after seeing the results from mine.
Leanne, Dr Jalil.
The Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute was fantastic, it’s beautiful, the staff are lovely they treat you like royalty. Dr Sanguan was fantastic, you wouldn’t find a doctor like that in Sydney, let alone a surgeon! He was just the nicest man you’ve ever meet, and ultra-cautious. It was really refreshing to get such honest opinions. He was always available and would come round every morning to check on me. I would highly recommend him.
April, Dr Sanguan.
It was a really good experience. My doctor was with me the whole time which was comforting. It was all very systematic. The staff were very professional, and very experienced, the doctor did a wonderful job. Just a couple of days after my procedure I was able to go out walking, shopping and trying the local food.
Linda, Dr Piyapas.
The hospital care was better than I could have imagined, I was looked after extremely well. All the doctors, and nurses were really supportive.
I stopped being sore 3 weeks after her procedure, I’m amazed at how fast I have healed. My biggest concern was being put under general anaesthetic, but with the support of the hospital staff and my mum I wasn’t scared at all.
The doctors and nurses took great care of me, and I would feel confident in using Gorgeous Getaways again if I wanted another procedure.
Laura, Dr Piyapas.
This is my second trip to Phuket with Gorgeous Getaways. I was so pleased with the results from my first trip (a Rhinoplasty procedure with Dr Pirinya) that I decided to travel back to Phuket, and this time with my husband Kelvin in tow. The care I received from Dr Parinya and everyone involved was first class. I cannot begin to fault it, it was as good as any other experience we have had in Australia. Fabulous. We found the facilities and the staff to be excellent, and the co-ordination impeccable.
I would never contemplate having it done in Australia, it’s too expensive and the surgeons overseas have the same qualifications, they respect that you are leaving home and putting your trust in them
Susan, Dr Pirinya.
I heard about Gorgeous Getaways from the TV Show Beauty and the Beach, and after researching the company and surgeons online I decided to head over to Malaysia to get a mid/lower face and neck lift with Dr Nasir at the Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre.
The procedure will cost over half the price of a surgeon here- who quoted me $28,000 compared to $11,000 in Malaysia. Dr Nasir is just as experienced as anyone here- he trained in Edinburgh and Melbourne so the communication was no problem. The staff at the hospital were great, especially the anaesthetist who helped to calm me down before the procedure, as I was very anxious about going under general anaesthetic.
It’s now a month after the procedure and things are looking great. My jowls have gone, you can’t see any scarring and it’s so natural looking that people have no idea that I have had work done. It doesn’t look ‘Hollywood’- I look in the mirror and I can see a younger, and fresher me, but it’s still me!
Anne, Dr Nasir.
I am currently 24 days post mini facelift with Dr. Nasir in KL and am totally thrilled with not only my emerging results but the whole she-bang!
I am 45 years old and the idea of having ‘maintenance’ surgery has always been something I was totally comfortable with when the time arose. I had rhinoplasty, fat transfer to my lips, lower blephs and jowl liposuction for my 40th birthday in 2005 with one of the top plastic surgeons here in Melbourne. I paid somewhere in the vicinity of $20,000AUD and received the surgery, one nights accommodation in a private clinic and one post op consultation around a week later. Since that time I have left my husband (and all his money!) and gone back to university full time on a very meagre centre link wage, so when the time finally did arise, the option of using the same surgeon for a facelift at a quoted $32,000AUD just became a financial impossibility.
The research I did on my chosen surgeon, Dr. Nasir, ensured me I was under the care of an extremely competent, experienced and qualified surgeon who was at the very least, on a professional par with the top plastic surgeons here in Australia.
Susan, Dr Nasir.
In response to some of the negative media articles on cosmetic surgery overseas: This could be a typical example of journalistic reporting – sensationalising what can go wrong, (which is statistically a small percentage with any surgical procedure/s), and keeping the majority of highly successful procedures and experiences in the background.
I had a wonderful experience. Dr. Nasir is extremely competent, and a humanitarian, and his professional qualifications are exemplary.
At no point did I feel like I was just a number in a meat-processing factory. I did not find paying for Hospital procedures up-front to be dubious or ‘dodgy’, as this is a common practice eg: in Australia I was quoted approx: AUD$32,000.00, with the expectation that all costs would be paid for PRIOR to surgery – 2 days in hospital were included in this price for approx: AUD$6,000.00 – any complications or additional stay would of course be additional. I have no hesitation in recommending GG for cosmetic surgery.
I had a wonderful experience – Every day I can see more and more improvements – and I’m loving how my body looks and feels.
Kylie, Dr Nasir.
I have just come back from Kuala Lumpur after having surgery with Dr. Jalil.
I don’t think that I have ever had such loving caring attention after any operation that I have had (and believe me I have had a few). What a wonderful man is Dr. Jalil he made me feel at ease before and after my long operation.
Please may I also mention the wonderful staff at the Hospital who made this time as pleasant as possible.
However the star would have to be Dr. Jalil who gave me such confidence due to the fact that he explained everything and knew exactly know to explain it to me. He was so thorough and compassionate that I had complete confidence in him the whole time that I was his patient. He treated me and my friend Gloria like we were his only patients.

Marilyn, Dr Jalil.
My surgeon was the lovely Dr. Jalil, and the result of the procedures was absolutely fantastic, and he was not only knowledgeable, but also has “respectable bedside-manners”. The hospital –which was above 5 star, for meals and accommodation.
By the way, I am not a Doctor person, my cosmetic procedures are the first surgery experience EVER. And let me tell you – I would NEVER change this experience…. I am ever so HAPPY with my results…. people now, think I am in my early 30’s, not mid 40’s…
I most certainly, highly recommend Gorgeous Getaways for surgery – excellence in every way.
Rubie, Dr Jalil.
I had a full facial and a tummy tuck and could not be more pleased. 6 months on and I feel wonderful.
I have had so many comments on the way I now look I could not be more pleased.
My surgeon Dr. Jalil was amazing, I could not have wished for a more compassionate and caring person for my surgery. The hospital staff were excellent and so very kind, nothing was too much trouble to make my stay as comfortable as possible.
Thank you so very much for the change in the way I feel about myself.
Elsa, Dr Jalil.
Dr. Jalil performed my surgery and he was very kind and his experience shone through. The facilities were first class and the staff brilliant. I am very happy with my results and was very well looked after while there. I would recommend Gorgeous Getaways to everyone I know!
Celia, Dr Jalil.
I have just had a tummy tuck & liposuction to my calves, inner & outer thighs, buttocks and lower back. Dr. Jalil performed this surgery, I believe to perfection. From my admission to hospital & meeting Dr. Jalil to today, my second last day here I have been treated like a Queen.
Dr. Jalil is the most relaxed doctor/surgeon I have ever met. I have had cosmetic surgery before so I am not new to the procedures. I was in hospital for 3 days & I received visits from him every day. Even one day I was not feeling very well & told the nurse – she organised for him to come & see me in his surgery break. I doubt very much surgeons in Australia would do this! I have had a fair bit of swelling around my stomach area & saw Dr. Jalil last night. He organised for me to come to his room this morning where he drained the fluid (big relief). He gave me his business card with his personal hand phone for me to call any time when I get home.
If you are considering plastic cosmetic surgery my advice to you is to come over here & have it done! The weather is fantastic & the shopping even better.
Donna, Dr Jalil.
I had surgery this year with Dr. Nasir in KL. I had a Breast aug, lift, a tummy tuck and also a mini facelift. I went with Dr. Nasir because he was a bit cheaper but had the same good rep as Dr. Jalil. I am very happy with my results. The hospital is like a 5 star resort, the nurses are awesome.
Honestly no pain though. I was very lucky and didn’t bruise at all, I took Arnica tablets about 2 weeks before. It is 7 months on now and everything has healed well. My tummy is still very numb but I don’t think that ever goes after talking with other people that have had it. Anyway, I would highly recommend GG, everything is top notch!!!!
Maria, Dr Nasir.
I had 7 children so had what both I and my husband called my “baby pouch”. I always wanted to get rid of it but was very scared to have cosmetic surgery; and we just couldn’t afford what Australia was charging!! We went to a cosmetic surgery clinic in Melbourne and was quite shocked at the cost!!! Then saw a programme on Channel 7 about someone who’d had surgery done by Dr. Jalil in KL. That’s when I decided to contact Gorgeous Getaways and requested surgery ONLY with Dr. Jalil.
I had my tummy tuck and liposuction done in September last year and I’m absolutely thrilled with the results. Everyone that knows me was absolutely in awe at what I’d had done! I’ve just come back from a cruise where my husband and I have renewed our vows after 43 years (my husband has terminal cancer and it was one of his wishes on his “bucket list”). If I had the money I’d definitely go back to KL and have Dr. Jalil do a facelift for me. He was a wonderful surgeon, so caring and definitely one in a million!! I can say this as both my husband and I are registered nurses. Take care. And god bless with all your good work!

Susan, Dr Jalil.
I just wanted to let you know that the “spur of the moment and encouragement” to have a complete face and neck lift has turned out fantastic. Apparently it has taken 20 years off my age, I have never felt better. Given the reservations and how upset I felt just after surgery, the results have far exceeded my expectations. I still have some numb areas and a little bruising left but I guess this will disappear in time, but it doesn’t show!
Thank you to you and your team, Dr. Jalil.
Janet, Dr Jalil.
I’m back in Australia after my surgery with Dr. Jalil and feel fantastic. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the rest of the Gorgeous Getaways team for all the help and support you all provided to me. I am now letting everyone else know how wonderful you are. My Lapband surgeon in Australia has even asked me to give talks to his perspective clients as well as established ones about my lapband and my surgery overseas, so hopefully you will be receiving some referrals very soon.
Thank you again, you really have changed my life.
Julie, Dr Jalil.
Well, it has been 5 weeks since surgery now and I feel great. Thank you guys so much for making this surgery accessible and affordable. You were all so wonderful and I will never forget you. I have been working hard on my weight loss since being home and have lost a few more kilos. So looking and feeling great. I love going shopping now because I am an average size and everything fits and also for the first time looks great as well. Dr. Jalil is amazing what a wonderful and clever man. I cannot say enough about your service. Looking forward to the before and after photos so I can see what I use to look like. You forget so quickly.
Debbie, Dr Jalil.
Am I pleased with the results? Well, pleased is an understatement – over the moon would be more to the point. Friends and family keep telling me how great I look but nobody has asked if I’ve had a face lift, I just look fresher in the face and I find myself smiling a lot more. My husband is delighted with my new look and my new confidence.
I am so happy with my flat tummy, I have gone down two dress sizes although only losing about five kilograms, I needed to purchase some new clothes recently (everything was too big) and it has been a real delight to look at fashionable classy clothes for a change.
I know I am a lot more confident, not just about the way I look but the way I approach life. I no longer feel or look my age and no longer feel like my life is out of control, and tell anyone who will listen how happy I am.
I felt very confident with Dr. Jalil, he seemed to understand exactly what I wanted, he also made a few suggestions that turned out better than I had expected. The hospital & it’s staff were extremely attentive and went out of their way to make me comfortable, in fact I believe the care was equal to most hospitals back home.
Elaine, Dr Jalil.
I can highly recommend GG and Dr. Jalil. My surgery has worked out really well – although do not underestimate the pain. The accommodation at Lanson Place was ideal – plenty there but enough privacy.
I would not have a single complaint about any of the treatment I received from GG or the hospital staff. They could not do enough for you and I was so glad that I had booked with them.
I am almost healed now and my body is amazing. My face didn’t even have a bruise and makes me look much younger.
Jacqueline, Dr Jalil.
I would tell anyone considering cosmetic surgery to go to Malaysia with Dr. Jalil and GG as there is no comparison with anyone else.
Words are not enough to explain how good the hospital and the nurses were also Dr. Jalil and the GG team. The service was better than great. Everyone was so helpful and friendly.
To all the GG team thanks so much for your help and support. Dr. Jalil is my god.
Jenelle, Dr Jalil.
My breast enhancement was absolutely fantastic!! Dr. Jalil was fantastic, I must say he is a lovely artist! I think he knows what looks good and what doesn’t. I think if you have a particular look in mind for your results then make it perfectly clear to him. He’s easy to talk to and will give you plenty of time if you need it.
Toni, Dr Jalil.
I am so pleased with my new look, no one has noticed that I have had surgery, which is testament to a natural look. However friends have commented that I look youthful, that I look late 30s, which can’t be too bad for a 54 year old man!
The hospital where the surgery is performed is at least equal to, if not better than what is available in Australia. The surgeon and staff at the hospital are first rate and all speak excellent English.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Jalil and Gorgeous Getaways as means of having cosmetic surgery performed at a reasonable cost to any of my friends or family.
John, Dr Jalil.
I had a tummy tuck and liposuction to my hips thighs and abdomen in 2007. Thoroughly enjoyed my experience with GG, can’t speak highly enough of Dr Jalil and the hospital and GG staff! Was so glad to be able to relax following such a major surgery, would not have happened if I had of had this surgery locally. By the time I returned home I was well rested, I had no complications and did go to my local GP when I thought I had a fluid pocket around the surgery area and he was happy with how everything was healing (didn’t need fluid drained too, it eventually subsided!) Cost was also a factor which is why I chose an overseas destination even with flights and accommodation I still paid less than what I would have locally. Also doubled as a honeymoon for my husband and I as we never got to have when we married in 2001
Kim, Dr Jalil.
I have had numerous surgeries in KL with Dr Jalil through GGs… all have turned out wonderfully no complications and I am extremely happy with the results I would highly recommend them, they collect you from the motel and accompany you to all appointments, all the hard work is done. Around 12 of my friends and daughter and her friends have all been over there … I have traveled over there for years having little tweaks and everything has been spot on.
Linda, Dr Jalil.
I had a nose job in KL in February 2017 with Dr Nasir. Totally recommended, great supportive staff and would definitely go back for more surgery. It was easy and had a great holiday with it. More than happy to answer any questions from anyone who is thinking of doing this. No complications… just the perfect time! (no pain). Loved every minute of it.
Debbie, Dr Nasir.