Our Patient Testimonials in Mexico

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Plastic Surgery & Weight Loss in Mexico Years before, you could find plenty of top healthcare services for international visitors traveling around the world. Exotic destinations in Asia were pretty famous offering amazing prices. From plastic surgery and weight loss procedures, to non-invasive treatments, you could find great deals.  But unfortunately, the new normal changed

Anita’s Second Great Gorgeous Getaway!

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Anita is a wonderful woman and our repetitive client.  She is kind, funny and smart! So it is always a pleasure to work with her.  She had her first cosmetic surgery done last year in Guadalajara, Mexico, where she had a great experience.   Nevertheless, this year she was brave enough to explore a different destination! 

More Stories About our Happy Patients

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We already shared with you some stories of our happy patients in Cancun.  Today we will share with you some more but this time from Galenia Hospital (JCI).  These patients were operated by Dr. Alicia Benavides and/or Dr. Nain Maldonado. Shannon - She was one of our very first patients to visit Cancun after its


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