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Rhinoplasty: Functional or Cosmetic ?

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All-In-One Rhinoplasty A Rhinoplasty can be funcional and cosmetic.   Functional Rhino is focused on nasal function, meaning normal breathing.  It addresses any structural issues or past trauma that causes obstruction.  This results in a permanent improvement in breathing and quality of life.  On the other hand, Cosmetic Rhino focuses on the enhancement of the appearance

Nose Reshaping Surgery: The Challenge

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The nose is the center of the face and the most protruding part.  Usually the nose is largerin men than women.  Changing the size and shape of it can make a significant impact on your appearance. Reshaping the nose is one of the most challenging procedures.  You need to choose a real artist with

Twinkle’s Exciting Journey in Guadalajara, MX !

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Twinkle's journey started when she inquired about the best surgeon in Mexico. She had already booked her surgery with other provider but she noticed that their reviews were really bad. I immediately recommended Dr. Ruben Agredano who is one of the top surgeons in the country.  She booked and requested a teleconsultation.  After talking

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