Staying in a Hotel or a Recovery House

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Pros and Cons of a Recovery House It is very common to hear about patients staying in a Recovery House after their cosmetic surgery.  This type of recovery centers have available nurses, chefs, concierges and medical monitoring.   Patients usually have all meals included, as well as confortable rooms with bathroom, that can be private or

Our Services in Mexico and Dominican Republic

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Today we are sharing an overview of our services in Mexico and Dominican Republic.  They have no entry requirements, and no mandatory quarantine.  There is no discrimination between vaccinated or non-vaccinated people.   Both countries are stamped by the WTTC as "Safe Travels".   This stamp guarantees that destinations, hotels, tour operators, etc. follow to the letter

All-In-One in Beautiful Dominican Republic !!!

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We already talked about the benefits of staying in a recovery home to speed your recovery after your cosmetic surgery.  We not only have this kind of cozy accommodations in Mexico, but also in Santiago, Dominican Republic.   This amazing island is worldwide known for its many choices of cosmetic surgeons.    Now we can offer

The Benefits of Staying in a Recovery Home

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Whenever you embark on a cosmetic surgery journey, you need a confortable place to stay.   Staying in a Recovery Home has many benefits that will definetely make a difference.   If you are traveling by yourself, this option is highly recommended.   You will make new friends, and there will be people looking after your recovery 24/7. 

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