Our Patient Testimonials in Mexico

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Plastic Surgery & Weight Loss in Mexico Years before, you could find plenty of top healthcare services for international visitors traveling around the world. Exotic destinations in Asia were pretty famous offering amazing prices. From plastic surgery and weight loss procedures, to non-invasive treatments, you could find great deals.  But unfortunately, the new normal changed

Nursing Recovery Support in Mexico

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This is a very good question that I have been asked many times about all inclusive plastic surgery in Mexico. Having surgery abroad may have you wonder about the need of some sort of support.  You may also wonder how are you going to get a shower or change your compression garments.   It always depends

Meet The Dream Team at Ruby Recovery Home

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We have already talked about the Benefits of Staying in a Recovery Home, and now we would like you to meet the Dream Team of Ruby Recovery Home in Guadalajara, MX.   All our patients that have decided to stay with them, are really happy with the excellent service, delicious food and superb care of all


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