Veronica, NZ.

Procedures: Full Face Lift (forehead, mid face, jowls and neck) with Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty. Hospital: Beverly Wilshire Medical Center. Surgeon: Dr. Jalil

I’m a 56 year old Environmental Consultant and 8 years ago I had weight loss surgery. This was extremely successful and I lost 50 kilos in two years. I was able to reduce my extra skin with exercises for my stomach, arms and legs but there was nothing that would help with the loose and sagging skin on my face. Everything was headed south so I decided to have a facelift in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

My older sister had traveled with Gorgeous Getaways, with Paula as her Client Consultant and Dr Jalil as her surgeon so I decided to do the same.

Booking the holiday, everyone I communicated with at Gorgeous Getaways were very friendly and understanding of my questions/trepidation.

When I arrived my airport transfer was absolutely brilliant. It was a huge airport but I was able to find my way to Augustine with the map provided, and he was waiting for me with a sign. During the ride to the hotel I spoke to my Malaysian Client Consultant Kumari, who made me feel extremely welcome.

My pre-consult with Dr Jalil was very easy. He was very efficient and very friendly. I would recommend him to anyone.

On the day of my surgery I was taken from the wonderful Ambassador Row Hotel to hospital by Augustine and Kumari, and after the preliminary tests I was taken to a huge private room. Kumari sat with me, we chatted and joked and she helped to ease my nerves.

When I woke up after surgery the nurses administered pain relief so I could continue sleeping, so once I was discharged I wasn’t in any pain.

All the nurses and staff were welcoming and pampered me, I felt truly at home and didn’t need or want anything.

I felt so well I decided to leave early and return to the hotel to recuperate. Kumari was brilliant, she came to see me every second day and would ring me every other day. If I had any concerns she was there, I felt so secure knowing I had a trained nurse looking after me. I always knew she was at the end of the phone, to call anytime to allay my fears. She is also a very happy person and lightens life.

Kumari was absolutely wonderful and supportive, and it was mainly due to her that my whole experience with having a ‘surgery’ holiday was as relaxed and easy as it was.

Now that I’m home, my friends and family think that I look absolutely fantastic. That I’m back to being a younger version of me. I look in the mirror and I see a younger version of me.

It was the second best thing I’ve done in my life, the first being weight loss surgery. I feel and (hopefully) look like I’m 35 again. I hope that any prospective clients who are looking at this will put their trust in GG because they are a fantastic company to work with.

I thank Kumari and the rest of the GG team from Dr Jalil, Dr Susie and the nurses at BWMC and last but definitely not least my driver – Augustine.