Meet The Team

Rachel Rowling – VP, Client Services

A global citizen born in the UK, Rachel has lived and worked in South Africa, Australia, Asia, the US, and Canada. She has held many senior executive positions for Fortune 500 companies, with an extensive background in technology, IT security, service delivery, and UX design (customer experience). Her down to earth approach combined with hands-on experience delivers confidence to the connected patient. On a personal note, Rachel is the proud mom of 4 adult sons, knowing all too well the challenges of work-life balance in a connected world. An advocate for animal protection and humanity she has 6 cats, and 2 dogs. You can reach Rachel at [email protected]

Patrizia Barruco – Destination Manager (America and Europe)

Paty is based in Cancun, MX.  Originally from Mexico City, she left the metrópolis and started working in the best hotel chains locsated the Mexican Pacific and the Caribbean.  Years later, Paty spent many years traveling across America and Europe while working on board international cruise ships as an Officer in charge of the passenger’s experience.  As your Destination Manager, her job is to ensure that your medical journey is exciting and memorable by providing you with the best options of surgeons and hospitals, as well as the best pricing.  Please feel free to contact her directly at [email protected]

 Victoria Pakhomova – Destination Manager (Asia & Australia) 

Victoria has years of customer service experience.   She will help you plan your cosmetic journey by providing you with all the information about healthcare providers in different destinations of Asia & Australia.  You can contact her directly at [email protected]

Yufei Niu – China

Based in Beijing, Yufei manages local partnerships, client engagement, marketing, and social media for Chinese medical travelers looking to travel abroad for cosmetic and beauty procedures. Yufei is the first point of contact for our Chinese clients. She has many years of experience in the areas of marketing, interpretation, and customer service, and is very focused on delivering the best client experience.   Please feel to contact her directly at [email protected]

Melanie McGregor – Client Engagement Manager

Melanie is a Client Engagement Manager based in New Zealand and is the first point of contact for our clients. She has many years of experience in the areas of customer service, and is very focused at delivering the best client experience.   Please feel to contact her directly at [email protected]

Mary Barker

Mary Barker – Superannuation

Based in New South Wales, Australia. Mary provides support for using Superannuation for procedures in Australia and abroad. Mary is also a financial planner driven to educate and enable women to move into their strongest financial position, and her book ‘Women of independent means’ aims to do just that. She’s also co-founder of Smart Girls, an educational group for women on debt, property, and wealth, and how those things can work together. Running monthly events, her female clients get to hear from a professional speaker and network with other clients.

Rajani Tatini – Office Manager

Raj is the person who makes sure that the back office runs smoothly. She handles essential functions like payroll, accounts payable, financial statements, employee benefits, purchasing, and countless other details. Raj has an Associate’s degree in Accounting from Middlesex College in New Jersey. She is fluent in English, Telugu, and Hindi. When she is not keeping an eye on the company’s finances, Raj enjoys cooking, sewing, photography, and communing with nature.

Shoko Kamino – Client Services Manager – Japan

Shoko Kamino is based in Japan and looks after all partners and clients choosing Japan as their destination of choice.