Patient First Savings Program

The Patient First Savings Plan is designed to maximize your medical savings by offering our clients interest of 5 to 7% on their deposited savings to apply towards any medical procedure or treatment package.

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Terms and Conditions

  1. You can start a savings plan immediately by setting a budgetary amount even if you are not sure of the procedure, or destination. Example: Anne wants breast augmentation and liposuction and has budgeted $8,000. She does not yet have a firmquote and is unsure of her timeframe, destination, or surgeon she prefers.
  2. The Minimum amount to start your medical savings plan is $50.00 with either a monthly payment plan or adhoc lump sum payments when you choose. There is no contractual obligation and you can cancel your savings plan at anytime.
  3. If cancelled, full amount of your *principal deposit will be refunded within 14 days, less any currency conversion fees. *Principal deposit amount is the total deposited only.
  4. You will be required to complete a firmquote 30-60 days prior to your final booking, you will need a valid firmquote with your surgeon’s feedback, specifying that you are an eligible candidate for the  procedures.
  5. All bookings must be made through Gorgeous Getaways or an affiliated Taqtik Health brand
  6. Savings plans are coordinated directly with your destination manager or with our care team if you are unsure of your destination.
  7. Interest is only paid on the savings % deposited.
  8. Final surgery amount will include any eligible sale or promotional amount (if applicable), less interest payment.
  9. Terms and conditions of this program are subject to change with 30 days written notice.
  10. In the event of program changes or interest changes, these will affect new clients only. Existing clients can remain on their current program and terms.
  11. Interest earned are calculated based on the deposit % and accrued for each period as follows:
    • Below 50% deposit of total package amount = 5% annual interest earned (0.417% monthly) 
    • Over 50% deposit of total package amount = 7% annual interest earned (0.583%  monthly) 
    • Period of interest calculated is defined as each consecutive monthly period Jan 3 to Feb 3rd – and can start on any preferred date
  12. Max saving month is 24 months. If you decide to cancel, we will send back the full amount of savings.  The saving will be done under USD after conversion from your currency.   Depending on the currency exchange rate, you may make a profit or loss due to the exchange rate.

Example Below:

Medical Savings Calculation example Procedure = $8k with deposit of $5k earning 7% (0.583) over 6 months

Period Earnings Balance
1 $29.17 $5,029.17
2 $29.34 $5,058.50
3 $29.51 $5,088.01
4 $29.68 $5,117.69
5 $29.85 $5,147.54
6 $30.03 $5,177.57

Click on the medical savings spreadsheet here to download and calculate your interest earned over time