Malaysia and Thailand

The global flow of patients across borders has changed the patterns of demand and supply of healthcare services over the recent decade.

Gorgeous Getaways has been in the Medical Tourism industry, leading the way since 2004 and we cover a wide range of medical services such as dental, cosmetic, Lasik and non-surgical treatments in both Thailand and Malaysia. Gorgeous Getaways provides a one on one concierge/nursing service to our clients (our standard care is free of charge) in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. In Thailand we offer our nursing coordinators at the hospital who look after all our clients needs.

Medical tourists are motivated to seek cosmetic plastic surgery outside their area of residence by many factors, which include cost, time, regulation, medical preferences and availability, quality, leisure tourism and information availability. We pride ourselves at Gorgeous Getaways in providing all the information you need to help you feel confident in your choice of destination for your cosmetic plastic surgery holiday in Malaysia or Thailand.

Southeast Asia has become the place to go for your cosmetic plastic surgery holiday. With top class surgeons in all our destinations; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Phuket or Bangkok in Thailand.

In exotic Thailand you can easily become addicted to the rambling metropolis of Bangkok. You will receive royal treatment and a relaxed surgery holiday among a friendly local population with a vibrant expatriate community. Alternatively, if you choose your cosmetic surgery holiday in Phuket, you can enjoy the relaxed vibrant nightlife and beautiful beaches.

Malaysia flies under the radar, but it too, deserves your attention. Where else can you stay in 5 star accommodation and be pampered and looked after by your own personal Service Manager with registered nursing qualifications?

Where the exotic is an everyday offering, choose between both of these delightful countries for your cosmetic surgery holiday. Locals are welcoming, warm and generous. So don’t resist the tug of exotic Asia.

Read more in depth information on this website about each of our destinations/surgeons/hospitals/accommodation and get a NO OBLIGATION FREE QUOTE today, and start your communication with us about how we can help you book your dream surgery holiday.