Visit Our Ladies Shapewear Shop !!!

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Because we value our customers, now we have available our online shop where you will find many different ladies shapewear to enhance your silhouette !  Prices are very affordable and the product quality is excellent.   Just click here and browse around.  You will find leggins, ultra-shapping body suits, waist-thigh slimmers, gym belts, weight loss thermal

Living As A Digital Nomad in Mexico

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Last year, the world changed in the blink of an eye, and it brought new ways of doing things.  Remote working is nowadays the main activity of millions of people around the world.  No more need for transportation from one point to another, to go to work.  Videocalling and/or chatting makes it very easy to

Can I Die During Cosmetic Surgery ?

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This is a mind blowing question.  Why would you die getting cosmetic surgery ?  It is indeed an unfortunate fact that there are many reported deaths of people during and after cosmetic surgery.   Some destinations like Miami and Dominican Republic, have plenty of publicity about this fatalities.  And on the other hand, Liposuction and Brazilian

Do I Need A Revision Surgery ?

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Evaluating your cosmetic surgery results is of utmost importance.  Cosmetic surgery is not a one-minute process and it will take some time for you to see the real results.  This is the reason why you are responsible for evaluating your own process.  Your Cosmetic Surgeon will certainly walk you through the recovery period, and will

Destination: Barcelona, Spain

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Cataluña's Alluring Capital Barcelona is one of my favorite Mediterranean spots.   It is vibrant, beautiful, sunny and with such a stunning architecture that you will make you see the world differently.  With fascinating history, the famous Barri Gótic (Gothic Quarter), and Antonio Gaudí's surrealist buildings, Barcelona has many wonders to offer to travelers from around

Why Do I Need a BMI Lower Than 30 ?

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This is a very good question.  Being a candidate for cosmetic surgery is all about having a BMI lower than 30.  Your BMI is the Body Mass Index that is calculated out of your height and weight.    When your BMI is higher, you are not exactly a good candidate for cosmetic surgery.  And this

2021 Special Promo in Phuket, Thailand !

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As you know, Amazing Phuket opened its doors on July 1st, 2021 for vaccinated travelers, so no need for mandatory quarantine !!! This is the reason why we are thrilled to offer you this amazing special promo with our selected partner, the Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute (PPSI). Promo is valid from September 1st, thru December

Why Traveling Abroad in a Pandemic World ?

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It is 1.5 years now that the whole world suffered the lockdown.  Weeks of uncertainty when nobody knew what was going to happen next.  However, a few months later, some countries opened its borders, but some others are still strugging with  too many requirements to enter.   And in the worst case, many people still cannot

Christian’s Cosmetic Adventure in Guadalajara, MX

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Christian is a kind young man who was looking for the best surgeon in Mexico who know how to perform pectoral implants.  This is not the type of common procedure that any cosmetic surgeon can perform.  You need the combination of expertise, high-skills, and knowledge to be able to obtain the best results.  So we

Destination: Cancun, MX

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The Heart of the Caribbean This amazing destination is also known as the "Heart of the Mexican Caribbean".  It was 50+ years ago since it started to be popular for its natural attractions, archaeological sites, white-powder sand and turquoise waters.  Nowadays, you can also enjoy diving and sport fishing, as well as wondefulg theme parks

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