Turkey Plastic Surgery Price List and More

Price Guide for cosmetic surgery, bariatric, dental and other treatments

Fees for cosmetic plastic surgery, bariatric surgery, dental, and other treatments are provided to Gorgeous getaways from service providers located in various countries like Mexico, Thailand, Malaysia etc.

Cosmetic Surgery Cost and Pricing Variations

Pricing can vary by surgeon, country, hospital or clinic etc based on various parameters.

  • Surgeon experience – We typically work with surgeons who specialize in international patients and have at least 15 years experience. If a surgeon is very experienced they often charge a higher surgeon fee.
  • Country economics – Some countries have a lower cost base and can afford to offer lower pricing. Private healthcare is often subsidized by government bodies as well as public healthcare systems.
  • Currency Exchange – Most pricing is determined by local pricing in the countries currency.  This is easier for most hospitals and clinics to determine their costs. Currency fluctuates so keep this in mind. when booking your procedure or package.
  • Type of facility – a package from a full hospital which includes overnight stays is generally more expensive than a day clinic.
  • Type of anesthesia used – General, twilight sedation, local anesthesia. If general anesthesia is used in your surgery then often this will include an overnight stay.  Please ask your booking manager.
  • Complexity of procedure – Just because your see breast augmentation advertised at a low price does not mean that you qualify or your body is suitable for the procedure.  For example you may want a breast enlargement, but really need a breast lift as well.
  • Implant type – round implants are less expensive than teardrop implants
  • Type of procedure – In liposuction there are 4 types of liposuction techniques.  The price will vary based on the type of liposuction.
  • Areas treated – Some hospitals or clinics charge by the body area, or use a sizing guide like small, medium or large liposuction.
  • Inclusions – What is covered in the fee?  Is medication or garments included.

Cost of Teleconsultations

Most of our surgeons offer free teleconsultations. you can schedule a teleconsultation here.  Simply fill in the online form and a GG team member will help you schedule it.

Insurance Coverage or Superannuation

As a rule, cosmetic plastic surgery is considered “elective surgery” and is not covered by most insurance plans. Some operations – such as breast reduction, if the weight of your breasts causes pain or interferes with normal activities – may be considered reconstructive rather than cosmetic. You can also use your superannuation for many types of reconstructive procedures.

Request a quote

Never choose a doctor solely on the basis of lower cost and remember that pricing is budgetary until you have a teleconsultation or request a firmquote. 

NOTE: if you find a price cheaper than our price, with our existing partners, we guarantee to match it!

No Service Fees!

You want to get the best price, and we agree.  All our pricing is the same pricing as you would see advertised by the hospitals or lower. We do not add any additional commission or hidden fees for our services, procedures, or packages. Hospital pricing is often regulated by law in each country to meet both local and foreign patients. This means hospital price lists needs to be approved in advance with little flexibility.

We run promotions that are cheaper than going directly, so we can always get you the best pricing. We will guarantee to match or beat any comparative price, just send in a competitive price and we will match it. Price, however not be your main consideration when making such an important decision about your health.

Price Match is only applicable to any current partner or destination that we currently operate in.  This is due to our knowledge of the high-quality skills of existing partners, long-term relationships and excellent client feedback.

For more information about our “Price Match Policy” or any issues pertaining to the quality of the clinical or customer service you receive from us, please contact your GORGEOUS GETAWAYS representative.

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