GG Response to Media Reports

As many of you may have read, Gorgeous Getaways has come under fire from media a few times. We understand that “bad news sells” better than good news, so I ask you to consider the actual facts that are not always presented in these reports.

No doubt, more articles will come out about the negative side of surgery overseas, the reason is because it is becoming more popular as people are experiencing such good service and getting great results and of course some surgeons at home are feeling threatened from this popularity.

We are pleased that most clients can see the truth and the cosmetic surgery facts for themselves and realize that even though there are risks, they are the same as they would be at home. After over 10,000 patients, we have a 99% satisfaction rate, it is a shame that the media concentrates on the 1% negative stories. But of course, bad news sells more than good news!

We try to reduce risks in several ways: The care and service that we provide is second to none. All surgeons are the highest qualified specialists in their fields: Plastic and Reconstructive surgeons. All hospitals and clinics are private, and Gorgeous Getaways has a network of service people on the ground to take care of you during your holiday.

As with any service business, things do not always go to plan, but we do try to make every person feel special and happy in the end, and will go out of our way to help solve problems. Our team is on hand to help throughout the holiday, so never be afraid of asking for something that you need.

When you are considering a surgery holiday with Gorgeous Getaways, the main things to understand around cosmetic surgery facts are:

  • Have reasonable expectations – do not expect perfection, as our surgeons can only improve on your current appearance. Those who are happiest with their results have reasonable expectations – for e.g. Liposuction will not make you thin all over, facelifts will be ‘natural’ and not remove all wrinkles and lines, and breasts may sometimes be slightly bigger or smaller than your perfect goal. These expectations come with any surgery, regardless of the surgeon you choose.
  • Do know that there are surgery risks, have a healthy knowledge of these, read up on these. In reality the chance of these risks is so small, but it is still important to read about them. Gorgeous Getaways provides detailed information to you about the surgery and the risks.
  • Do follow the advice and guidance of the surgeon post-surgery. The most important is: not smoking, good diet, resting with no exertion for the first few weeks, taking your medications as prescribed. Failure to follow advice may result in health problems which could be serious.

Arrival Date

Please arrive 2 days before surgery so that you give your body a chance to get over the flight, and stay the minimum time that Gorgeous Getaways recommends for your surgery. This is very important to make sure that you have healed and rested before returning home. Many problems arise when patients return home too soon or go on a holiday by themselves without Gorgeous Getaways care.

Do understand that a small percentage of patients may have aesthetic problems, but this is so minimal, happening in only 1% of cases. This means that your results are not as perfect as you want them to be. To reduce this risk, the number 1 thing to do is to talk in detail to your surgeon in the pre-consultation. Let him know what you want to achieve, and what you don’t want. Listen to where the incisions and scarring will be. If you are not comfortable with the answers, then DO NOT proceed with surgery. In the case if you do have problems with surgery – for e.g. scarring that you would like improved – then we will assess this on a case by case basis, and often we offer assistance in the way of no medical costs and free or reduced accommodation. If you have any questions, please email your Gorgeous Getaways manager.

Getting Results

You will be able to see close to final results before you depart for home. Even though there is residual bruising and swelling, you should be able to see your results. So you are able to speak with the surgeon before you return home if you have any concerns.In summary, we cannot give absolute guarantees of perfection (I think that this is impossible of most things in life)! But we do reduce the risks by having the very best surgeons, hospitals, implants, and our ground team to help you throughout.

Case Studies

We encourage you to read the case studies which are the words from clients themselves, telling you the ups and downs of surgery – you can read about these here:  You can also speak with any of these ladies, just ask your Gorgeous Getaways manager for details.

In regards to any media reports you have read, please ask myself or your Gorgeous Getaways manager about any questions you have. Some reports can be extremely disturbing especially when you are considering booking a holiday, but as we have found, very few negative stories have facts correct.

Negative media stories have had very little impact as our positive client experiences and results speak for themselves. But if you have any doubts at all and want clarification as to the actual facts, then don’t hesitate to contact me.

On the last note, and to reiterate:

– The surgeons that Gorgeous Getaways partner with are all reputable surgeons in the best hospitals. Their credentials are exemplary. Their reputations are well deserved.

– Whenever surgery is considered, selecting the very best surgeon is imperative. Experience and reputation must be considered. An economical decision is one thing – a cheap decision is a very different matter.

– Look for a creditable and trustworthy company to work with. Cosmetic surgery abroad can be a safe process and of course you need to feel well informed about who you chose to work with.

– At no point do we bargain with your health, and you shouldn’t either. Do your research and choose wisely.

Rachel Rowling
VP – Client Services