Growing Old… Very Gracefully

Looking older than you feel inside is no longer something that you have to live with. Now, you can live a fuller, more confident life by giving nature a little boost.

Why cosmetic surgery is good – Women and men can get a head start by having non-invasive, minimally invasive or more invasive plastic surgery procedures beginning from the 30’s on up.

The advantages of having anti-aging procedures

Though there may be a desire for more invasive plastic surgery in later years, the advantages of having anti-aging procedures younger allows for people to enjoy the preservation of youth longer.

And likewise potentially reduces the complexity of plastic surgery requirements for late stage aging later on.

  • Medical grade skincare procedures slow facial aging and allow for preservation of youthfulness in skin over time in the 30’s.
  • Chemical peels maintain the speed of the facial exfoliation process that naturally slows with age from late 30’s through 50’s.
  • Injectables such as Injectables have been used to prevent the eruption of contractions in muscles that appear as wrinkles on the face in the 30’s.
  • Laser skin resurfacing can improve early and mid stage wrinkles and helps to prevent late stage wrinkles from appearing on the face from 30’s to 50’s.
  • Mini face lifts help prevent the need for injectables and more invasive plastic surgery procedures later on from the 40’s.
  • Breast Augmentation can prevent the need for a breast lift procedure later on.
  • Blepharoplasty (Eye Lift) in the late 30’s and 40’s helps prevent sagging and wrinkles around the eyes.
  • It is important to note that medical grade skincare, chemical peels, laser skin resurfacing and injectables are recommended in order to continue to see the benefit. Mini facelifts may also require touch ups over time.

Aging and Plastic Surgery

In fact, aging does age the results of plastic surgery procedures. Facial bones and muscle change over time. Chins may recede or project at the tip. Cheeks lose volume. Foreheads may decrease in size. When these obstacles occur, more invasive plastic surgery procedures may be required. Yet, the extent of the procedure may be less than what would have been required if the less invasive plastic surgery procedures were not performed. For example, ‘S’ lifts involve lifting underlying facial muscles and tissue as well as possibly trimming excess skin which may be more complex if pre-late stage plastic surgery procedures are not performed. Chin implants may also be used for chin recessions that may occur over time.

An additional advantage of why cosmetic surgery is good and pre-late stage plastic surgery procedures is that there are greater risks associated with plastic surgery procedures in people over 65 because people over 65 are more likely to have other medical conditions. So, the less complex the plastic surgery procedure is, the less the risks are that are associated with the procedure.

It is interesting to note that although cosmetic surgery is available, popular and mainstream, it does not mean that changing something about your appearance will solve your problems in life. Certainly there is some truth in the adagé that if you look good you will feel good, but looking good does not mean that life will be good. Though some people may disagree. Ultimately, it’s important to remember that for what it’s worth, you have a right to be happy.

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