Season 1, Episode 6 – Plastic Surgery TV Shows

Two women from two very different continents both have one thing in common – they both want a facelift to look the way they feel inside.

Aucklander Anna, 54, is looking to reward herself for turning her life around. As a former airline hostess and recovering drug addict, Anna has changed the way she lives her life and is now helping other addicts do the same.

Anna always said she would age naturally, but after hitting menopause and the affects it has had on her body she wants to boost herself up to where she used to be.

The mother of four half a world away is Patrice, 49. Patrice and her husband run a fashion label from Dehil, India, which is not helping Patrice’s self confidence. She sees a ‘wrinkly old woman’ when she looks at herself and over the last few years she has seen and felt the deterioration of her youth.

This is why Patrice has decided to embark on this journey of a facelift and eyelift in Thailand.

For Patrice the tranquillity of Thailand and the promise of a new self is paradise.

These two women are about to share a life changing journey together as they embark on their dream of looking youthful and gaining their self-confidence back. Having each other to confide in and share the pain with during this journey makes all the difference for these two women. Will this holiday change their lives?

Beauty and the Beach is currently airing on TV ONE NZ commencing 30 June 2016. If you missed any plastic surgery tv shows episodes you can catch up on TVNZ.