The surgeons recommend avoiding certain vitamin supplements and medications two weeks prior to any surgery. These can either thin the blood or have adverse reactions with anesthetic agents. If you are currently taking any medication or vitamin supplements, please inform your booking manager, surgeon, and nursing staff if you have any queries regarding them.

Medications To Avoid
Actifed, addaprin, Advil, Alka Seltzer NSAIDS
Amitriptyline Aclin
ASA (Arthritis Strength Aspirin) ACT-3
Aspalgin, Aspro, Aspro Clear, Aspirin Actiprofen
Asantin Anaprox
Astrix Arava
Bex & Vincent’s Powders Arthroxin
Calciparin, Calcihep Arthrexin
Cardiprin, Cartia Arthtotec
Clexane, Clinoril Brufen
Cordrel Blue Tablets Butazolidin
Codiphen, Codis, Codox Candyll
Courmadin Clinoril
Decrin Powders, Dindevan Crysanal
Disprin, Ecotrin DBL Piroxicam
Effexor, Fiorinal Dichohexal
Fragerin, Heparin Dinac
Fraxiparine Dolobid
Iscover Feldene
Marevan Indocid
Morphalgino Inza
OrgaranMefic Mefic
Persantin Mobilis
Plavix Naprogesic
Reopro Naprosyn
Revasc Nurofen
Solcode, Solprin, Spren SRA Orudis
Thrombotrol Oruvail
Ticlohexal Pirohexal-D
Ukiden Ponstan
Veganin Proxen
Winsprin Rafen
Rosig Surgam
Tilcotil Toradol
Vitamin Supplements To Avoid
Aloe Bilberry-inhibits clot formation
Cod Liver Oil Cayenne-inhibits clot formation
Echinacea – may effect liver Evening Primrose Oil (Omega 6)
Feverfew Flaxseed Oil (Linseed Oil)
Garlic – inhibits clot formation Ginger – inhibits clot formation
Gingko Biloba – anti-coagulant Ginseng – irregular heartbeat
Goldenseal Licorice Root
St. John’s Wart Vitamin E (<200 iu is ok)
Valerian Yohirneed