What To Expect From Your Surgery Holiday

This article is about what you should (and shouldn’t expect) to make sure that you get the most out of your surgery and cosmetic surgery travel holiday.

Why surgery holidays?

  • Intrigued with the affordable price and high value
  • Getting away from your hectic daily routine/responsibilities to rest and recover
  • Surgery too pricey at home
  • Greater value and service with ground support staff
  • Favorable exchange rates
  • Tropical 5 star holiday

What You Should Expect

Quality of hospital/surgeons

As the pioneering experience in the industry have given us the knowledge of the most experienced and qualified hospitals and surgeons to offer you the equal level of quality you would expect at home.

The surgeons we partner with are all very experienced and highly talented in their areas of expertise. Our established relationships with surgeons, hospitals and other providers allow Gorgeous Getaways to offer the most competitive full service packages in the industry.

As most of our clients who come with us have multiple surgeries, the Gorgeous Getaways team, and fully-equipped and certified hospital provides a safe environment for longer surgery times and recovery.

Many of the hospitals we recommend are ISO 9001 accredited or similar accreditation, representing the international standard for quality assurance. This is equivalent to the same level of dependable quality in Western countries, including the UK, US and Australia.

Unmatched ground support and post-surgical care

It’s true, cosmetic surgery can be sore and painful. That can be an important reason to choose a location and ground support where you’ll get the appropriate rest. And this is not always possible at home! Your responsibilities can often interfere during this crucial recovery period – friends, family and work can sometimes be quite demanding, especially when you least expect it.

Our team goes the extra mile to ensure that you are comfortable and have everything you require so that you have the time and space needed to rest in complete privacy. And let’s not forget the bonus luxurious holiday!

Please discuss support and accommodation options with your booking manager

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More value for money

In essence, treatments overseas are far more affordable, with the same expertise and results you would expect from surgeons at home. We also offer the most complete, full service post surgery care and holiday – all this offers unbeatable value. Did we mention that many clients have declared Kuala Lumpur as a shopping haven?

What happens on your cosmetic surgery travel holiday?

In many destinations your service begins when you arrive at the airport, you will be met by an assigned representative who will introduce you to your porter. Your porter will then assist you with your baggage and accompany you all the way from the airport and take you too your hotel.

You will have a dedicated team to assist you from then on, for consultations, admissions and post recovery care; or anything else that you might unfamiliar or need help with.

Please discuss support and accommodation options with your booking manager

Your consultation

In most cases, you will have a consultation with the surgeon after you check in to the hotel. He/She will do any necessary medical tests that are needed before the surgery.

Surgery day

On the morning of the surgery, you will be picked up from your hotel and taken to the hospital. The surgeon will see you, do any last tests prior to surgery.

After your surgery, you will stay for 1 or 2 nights in a private room for monitoring. The surgeon will check on you periodically and decide when you may be discharged from hospital. Upon discharge, your Customer Service Manager will assist you back to the hotel and ensure you are comfortable in your room. She will continue to visit you periodically as well.

Post surgery care

You will have follow up appointments with the surgeon after your procedure to ensure you are healing and recovering well. This is a very important step to take in the recovery process, which is often unavailable, or expensive, at home clinics. Your surgeon will advise you of what you can be doing to improve recovery, and creams will be prescribed when necessary.


Your procedure and health conditions will dictate recovery time. Though clients should expect generally similar recovery periods, it is important to note that every individual’s recovery is different.

Though it’s important to remain mobile, we recommend that you take it very easy the first couple of days where adequate rest is essential. Your manager or helper will ensure that you get the necessary service, whole foods and fluids to promote healing and recovery. When you feel better, you can start with other programs – massage, pampering, or very gentle exercise.


Once you start to feel better (depending on the treatment or number of treatments that you are have done), you can start to indulge in the more relaxing side of the holiday. The variety of food is endless – tons of yummy, wholesome fresh food, both eastern and western delicacies.

If you are on a nutritional program, there is a wide variety for you to choose from at the hotel as well. You don’t need to venture outside if you don’t want to, and you will never be bored at the choices!

Find out more about exploring on your holiday. Or simply just ask your manager for more information.

Take advantage to indulge in a luxurious massage, manicure and pedicure, hair styling and treatments while on your holiday. The service is second to none and with such great exchange rates, it’ll be totally indulgent value. Massage treatments are available at your hotel, but if you need other services, just ask your manager for more information.

Non-Surgical Treatments*

Many of our clients will combine their surgical procedures with one or more non-surgical treatments while on their holiday. With the favorable exchange rates, all prices are up to half to one-third of what you would pay at home, and many treatments are designed to assist in recovery and healing from your surgery.

Many treatments require more than one visit and has to be scheduled around other surgical appointments, so it is important that you book treatments at the same time as your other surgical appointments. Please inform your bookings manager about the non-surgical treatments you are interested in during booking, and she will coordinate these accordingly for you.

*Please note services provided vary by country.  Please discuss options with your Destination Manager.

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Dental and Optical

We have leading clinics in Malaysia that specialize in high quality, state-of-the-art dental and optical treatments. All these procedures are at prices far below the cost at home (due the exchange rate and not the reduced value), which makes it very popular to have combined procedures while in Malaysia. Our services are inclusive of all the transport and bookings for any other treatments that you need as well.

Find out available optical treatments and dental treatments.

Our unique formula

Quality, post-surgical care and value are three important factors when deciding your surgery holiday. Ask yourself these questions: Can you really get the rest you need, away from all responsibilities? Will you get the 24-hour care you need in the first couple of days? How many years experience does the surgeon have? And what is the final price you will pay?

Gorgeous Getaways has the unique formula that we believe that no surgery and care at home or abroad can offer such great service, quality and value for money. The formula: Our care and attention; the highest qualified surgeons and a beautiful, private location is all you need to get the best results for a wonderful new you.

View the GG Guarantee and Best Price Guarantee.

What You Should Not Expect

Just as important, there are things that you should not expect from your surgery holiday:

Do not expect perfection, only improvement

Surgeons are not magicians. They can only improve what you have, they cannot create a ‘magical’ difference. Cuts will always leave scars, and our best patients don’t mind the scars for a better figure or more youthful appearance. However, you need to have reasonable expectations; expect improvement, not perfection.

Nothing comes risk-free

For any procedure, anywhere in the world, there are risks. Risks are normally part of the surgery expectations anywhere in the world, with any other surgeon. These are real and still exist.

Surgery and medical care is first priority, and holiday second

Our priority is getting and keeping you well, using the best surgeons and hospitals available. There are more beautiful places in the world than where we offer however, there may not be quality hospitals or experienced surgeons. So do your surgery first, get well, and then go on your holiday to rest and relax.

Do not expect to have and meet exact appointments and times

As the surgeons’ schedules can change, and your appointment times can only be given the day before, these may change. Please don’t be alarmed if this happens, for your appointment time will only CHANGE – it will never be cancelled.

Bring truckloads of patience with you: the surgeons, hospitals and medical staff do not rush through anything. At times, you will be waiting. Therefore, bring some good stories to share with others, and some good books to read. Similarly during your consultation time – you will never be rushed and can ask all the questions you need to.

Do not expect to come out looking better than you went into surgery!

Final results are revealed in months – not minutes. When you have liposuction, because of the fluid that is put into you, you may come out the same size as what you went in, and this will drain and improve over weeks and months.

For facelifts, your eyes and neck will be bruised and swollen and final results may take up to 3-6 months. For breasts, you may be a cup bigger or smaller, and you will not be swimsuit ready for a few months!

Please be patient, don’t stress and worry as the swelling will go down and you will look and feel better in a few months.

Reclaim the NEW YOU. Don’t let another year pass by!