Meet The Team


Paula Vernon – International Manager

Paula travels regularly to Thailand and Malaysia, training staff in our Gorgeous Getaways culture.   Her strengths in customer services ensure that all team members are skilled and focused in delivering the best possible experience to our clients. Having undergone her own surgery journey Paula believes she is a walking, talking, living advertisement for Gorgeous Getaways.  To get a no obligation quote, contact Paula:


Sweta Patel – Head of Marketing

Sweta Patel is the Head of Marketing at TaqTik and has advised more than 200 high-growth startups in Silicon Valley. She’s a Best-Selling Author, and a Top 100 SEJ Women in Tech Influencer. She was also the founder of Global Marketing Tactics, your #1 source for real-world marketing and training. Her passion is to teach startup founders and business owners how they can leverage different marketing technique, strategies, and tactics to meet their marketing goals and initiatives.

Sweta has worked with a vast number of international companies and national brands.


Emily Gibson- Client Engagement Manager

Emily is a Client Engagement Manager and is often the first point of contact for clients contacting Gorgeous Getaways via phone, chat, email, social media channels. In addition to answering first level inquiries, Emily supports the global consulting team by prepare budgetary quotes, managing confidential patient files, and answering client questions. Emily is a licensed aesthetician by trade and holds a diploma in Nutrition Science. She is passionate about health and a healthy lifestyle from the inside out. She strives to be body positive and promote it everywhere! You can find her at the gym in most of her free time. She loves the sunshine, tanning and protein shakes and is a real ‘beach babe’ at heart.  To get a no obligation quote, contact Emily:


Natasha Lakusta – Client Engagement Manager

Natasha is a Client Engagement Manager and is often the first point of contact for clients contacting Gorgeous Getaways via phone, chat, email, social media channels. In addition to this, she has had years of customer service experience working in Canadian healthcare. Natasha is currently enrolled in University and is aspiring to be a teacher. Having had experience dealing with sensitive medical information, Natasha will be able to answer your questions comfortably and privately to help you navigate your medical journey.

To get a no obligation quote, contact Natasha:


Mel McGregor – Client Engagement Manager

Mel is a Client Engagement Manager and is one of our first point of contacts for our clients who contact Gorgeous Getaways.  Mel has many years of experience in the areas of customer service and is very focused at delivering the best client experience for you as you begin your medical journey with us.

To get a no obligation quote, contact Natasha:


Nikki Carlson – Client Consultant

Nikki is New Zealand born and bred and brings a wealth of experiences to our team. Having undergone her own surgery journey, she understands the needs and emotions that go into making informed decisions. Nikki is focused on obtaining the best experience for Gorgeous Getaways’ clients.


Kitty Payne – Client Experience & Communications Consultant

Kitty is a seasoned communications professional with over twenty years’ experience encompassing roles in client relations, broadcasting, copy writing and marketing. With a passion for personal interaction, Kitty works with clients wanting to share their inspirational, and exciting surgical journeys through the Gorgeous Getaways website, and social media platforms.


Sooria Kumari – Customer Service Manager/Nurse

Kumari is a Registered Nurse with the Malaysian Board of Nursing. She was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She has completed her MBA majoring in Health Care Management and has long term experience in both Nursing and Medicine.  Prior to being employed with Gorgeous Getaways, Kumari has experience working as a clinical tutor/lecturer in a well-known nursing college and was also the Matron in Damai Service Hospital.  She is very experienced in her field and is very passionate about her job.  She always believes that team work and great effort is a great key to success. She looks forward to assisting clients throughout their surgery holiday and provide the best nursing care and assistance to her clients.


 Victoria Pakhomova – Client Services Manager – Phuket, Thailand

Victoria has years of customer service experience and shares her knowledge of the wonderful life style in Phuket with our clients.  Fully supporting her clients, she is very caring and focused on the journey of each person throughout their stay in Phuket.


Kael Sangnam – Client Services Manager – Bangkok Thailand

Kael is a Thai local with years of experience in international client service. She has worked in multiple areas of the Thai tourism industry, with roles in travel agencies, airlines and hospitals. Her primary focus at Gorgeous Getaways is to create a welcoming environment for clients staying in Thailand, and to ensure they have everything they need to feel at home.


 Juliana De Silva – Customer Care Coordinator – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Juliana has years of experience dealing with people from all walks of life. Born in Malaysia she is one of the minority races found in Malaysia a Singhalese whose ancestors are from Sri Lanka. She has a lot of experience dealing with client care in the hospitality and travel industry. Juliana has recently returned to Gorgeous Getaways where she was previously a Client Services Manager for several years. She is a people’s person and absolutely enjoys assisting clients throughout their surgery holiday, and we are glad to have her on our team again.


 Augustine – Driver – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Born and raised in Malaysian, Augustine is patient and respectful when driving clients to their destinations. He knows all the best routes to take, helping to eliminate being stuck in traffic jams, getting our clients to their appointments in the most relaxed and hassle free way possible.


Rajani Tatini – Office Manager

Raj is the person who makes sure that the back office runs smoothly. She handles essential functions like payroll, accounts payable, financial statements, employee benefits, purchasing, and countless other details. Raj has an Associate’s degree in Accounting from Middlesex College in New Jersey. She is fluent in English, Telugu, and Hindi. When she is not keeping an eye on the company’s finances, Raj enjoys cooking, sewing, photography, and communing with nature.


Harrison Chin – Project Manager & Senior Mobile App Developer

Harrison is the Project Manager who keeps our website and customer service functions integrated and operating optimally. Harrison also created and maintains the Taqtik Android and IOS apps.


Arthur Chuang – Senior Web Developer

Arthur keeps the TaqTik backend servers running and looks after TaqTik infrastructure deployment and management.


Brent Taft – Senior Web Developer

With more than twenty-five years of software engineering experience, Brent designs and builds the user interface for TaqTik Health. With a focus on ease and functionality, Brent creates a clean interface that offers quick access to information and answers for our clients. Brent has held key positons with some of the leading tech companies in the world including Microsoft, Tyco, NetIQ, and Symantec. Brent likes to spend his spare time being with his family and developing 3D games for mobile platforms.