Amanda, NZ – My Cosmetic Surgery

Procedure: Extended Tummy Tuck with Liposuction. Hospital: Phuket International Hospital. Surgeon: Dr Rushapol

before and afterMy cosmetic surgery journey. After giving birth to her son thirteen years ago, the skin on Amanda’s stomach was stretched so severely, that she never regained her pre-pregnancy shape. So when she traveled to Phuket for her procedures, although nervous, she was excited about finally gaining back some self-confidence and to be able to run, and exercise without worrying about her stomach.

She had originally planned to travel for surgery with a different company, but was discouraged by the poor service she received. She was faced with major delays in communication, and when they finally made contact it was to give her six days’ notice before a proposed surgery date. At this point Amanda decided to cancel the trip and call GORGEOUS GETAWAYS.

Nikki, the GG Client Consultant Amanda dealt with in New Zealand before leaving for Phuket, put her at ease from first contact.

“There was clear communication right from the start. She was very thorough and organized which was a huge contrast from the other company. I was relieved to finally have someone listen, and take me seriously, it made me feel safe. I was so happy, Nikki couldn’t have done more for me it was awesome. It was all perfect”.

In Phuket, Amanda had Client Manager Victoria on hand to guide her through the preliminary the Phuket Plastic Surgery Centre Amanda was guided through the preliminary tests.

“Victoria was my ray of sunshine. She was really good with my partner and my son telling them about all the things they could do in Phuket. It was weird being in a new country you don’t know, so that was wonderful. And she stayed with me all the way through, even holding my hand as they put me under. I had never met her before but she was a really warm person, I gelled with her straight away I felt like I had met a new friend”.

On the day of the procedure Amanda arrived at the hospital and was greeted by a beautiful, state of the art facility and welcoming friendly staff. She was immediately struck by the competency of the nurses, and their efficiency as they took her through her initial tests. Because of her asthma, Amanda needed to meet strict requirements before surgery, which included full body scans, lung x-rays, and a consult with the asthma specialist.

The process was so thorough that Amanda couldn’t help but compare it to New Zealand hospitals, where you could be waiting hours for just one test, or consultation. She also felt her surgeon Dr Rushapol, to be far more experienced than any plastic surgeon that would have been available in New Zealand, with hundreds of tummy tuck procedures performed and an impressive eye for detail.

The procedure itself saw Amanda in theatre for nine hours. Longer than the five hours she thought that it would take. But when she woke she was relieved to feel comfortable, and not in a huge amount of pain. The hospital staff help her toward a fast recovery.

“I had people in my room that fussing over me every five minutes. I was treated like royalty. I would totally recommend this to anyone is thinking about it. I had my own room, my own TV, my own couch for family to sit when they came to visit”.

After a day of bed rest Amanda was ready to move around the hospital, and by day five she couldn’t wait to get out of bed and go sightseeing! And Amanda and her family did have a truly memorable holiday in the process, seeing sights like the big Buddah, and playing with the elephants.

Back home in Whitianga, New Zealand Amanda was straight back into work with little to no pain during recovery. As advised it did take approximately four months for the swelling to decrease, and to see the full results of the procedure.

“It’s a radical change, my work uniform now hangs loose. I can wear a dress that fits my figure, and I don’t have to worry about hiding my stomach”.