Vaginal Cosmetic Surgery is the fastest growing procedure in plastic surgery, with labiaplasty being one of the most common procedure requested.

When the vaginal muscles become loose, many women start to lose their sexual self-esteem. Thus, this also leads to a reduced amount of sexual pleasure. A vaginal rejuvenation is performed to improve and restore the function and/or appearance of your vagina.

Loosened vaginal muscles can result in stress incontinence (UI); this is because the bladder is situated close to the vaginal wall. During childbirth, as the baby travels through the birth canal, the muscles, fascia, and ligaments separate and may be weakened, consequently weakening the ‘framework’ that supports the bladder. UI can also be a result of inherited muscle weakness, high-impact exercises, strain by chronic coughing, obesity and even smoking. There is help whatever your case may be.

There are three main functions of the vagina; by understanding what they are you will understand why some women decide to get vaginal rejuvenation. It is through the vagina that a woman menstruates, has sex, and (unless a cesarean is done) gives birth.

If we put menstruation aside, the other two functions (especially childbirth) can take a substantial toll on the vaginal muscles. Stress incontinence isn’t exactly a walk in the park, and reduced sexual pleasure doesn’t help either.

Vaginal rejuvenation is a combination of two procedures, labiaplasty and vaginoplasty and often referred to as ‘Designer Vagina’. The two surgeries are usually performed at the same time, providing you with a tightened vagina and improved labia, during one visit. A bladder sling can be performed in combination with these two procedures.

  • Is your vaginal area stretched due to pregnancies or aging
  • Do you suffer from stress incontinence
  • Is your vaginal size not totally compatible with your partner’s penis size
  • Do you to want to reconstruct your hymen back to its original state
  • Have you experienced vaginal trauma
  • Would you like your labial lips reduced, enhanced or re-shaped
  • Do you want to increase your sexual pleasure

Then you are an ideal candidate for vaginal rejuvenation.
Labiaplasty is a procedure where the labia minora or inner labia, get clipped back so they look more tucked in. While many women are born with this and affected throughout their lives, it can also occur later on in life after things such as childbirth or aging.

Vaginoplasty is process traditionally used to alter the vagina walls to prevent urinary stress incontinence and the prolapse of their uterus and/or bladder. This procedure is perfect for women who have had multiple pregnancies or through aging have lost muscle strength. Having this treatment will strengthen muscles of the vagina and, if required, tidy up any excess skin.

Yanhee International has a wonderful state of the art Gynaecology Centre housed within the Hospital offering the below procedures with female Surgeon Dr. Vitasna, who specialises in Obstetrics & Gynaecology Aesthetic Gynaecology Urogynecology.

Our GORGEOUS GETAWAYS client, Shelly, tells of her recent experience having a Vaginoplasty, labioplasty and perineoplasty at Yanhee in July 2014 with Dr. Suphanee. All for approximately AUD 3,000. Read Shelly’s Story.*Prices based on the exchange rate 2/7/2014

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