Quality and Standard of Care in Phuket

Plastic Surgery Phuket Reviews?

Phuket, along with Bangkok and Chiang Mai, is one of the key locations in the supply of medical and cosmetic services. Surgeons, dentists and opticians in Thailand are all extremely well trained in state-of-the-art procedures, with many of them graduates from first class American medical universities.

We have chosen Phuket because of the following reasons:

Quality of surgery/medical care
English is widely spoken by most who are involved in the tourist industry
Safety – Phuket is a safe holiday resort island, as Thailand is dependent on it for the tourist economy
An island renowned for fun with lots of great attractions, nightlife and shopping

Increasing numbers of visitors are combining a culturally enriching vacation to Thailand with affordable medical treatment, making great savings on procedures that would cost much more in their home country. The tourist infrastructure in Thailand is excellent and there are numerous competent health care providers. Doctors in Thailand are well qualified and proficient in English, meaning there are no language barriers.

Your destination for medical should never be chosen purely because it is the cheapest or because you can lie on a beach (which you probably won’t feel like doing after surgery anyway!), instead, the standard of medical care should always be the priority.

What is the quality and standard of care in Thailand?

Many people are concerned about the travel warnings, which were issued for travelers to this Asian region following their political unrest.

Phuket remains Thailand’s safest city as well as its only truly secure tourist centre. On Phuket and around the Andaman region, paradise always remains picture-perfect.

Reasonable safety precautions must be taken, which is no different to your home country – do not walk alone at night, and be careful of petty theft with personal belongings.

Regarding plastic surgery Phuket reviews, the hospitals have been JCI accredited – an international standard of quality. The hospitals must go through rigorous international testing to achieve this standard. Therefore, the quality in the hospitals and clinics is very similar to what you will experience at home. Service is often better than you will find at home – with the lower wages, 1 out of 5 Thai people are employed in the tourism/medical tourism industry and therefore you will enjoy a better standard of care than you would get at home.