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ID Hospital

ID Hospital is widely recognized throughout Asia as the leading hospital for facial bone surgery. It is the first plastic surgery hospital to specialize in this field. Dr. Sang-Hoon Park, a pioneer in facial bone surgery and orthognathic plastic surgery, founded the hospital. He founded his own private plastic surgery hospital in 2004 and began performing orthognathic surgery to improve individuals’ functional and aesthetic aspects.

ID Hospital also offers dental and dermatology services with high-tech devices and skilled medical teams to provide safe and comfortable orthodontic treatments to patients who had orthognathic surgery and other general orthodontic and prosthetic treatments.

Why Patients Choose ID Hospital

Patient safety is a priority at the hospital, and it offers world-class medical facilities according to safety standards. Further, ID hospital is a hospital-level medical institute that distinguishes it from the other clinics. So, what makes a hospital-level institute stand out from the rest of the clinics? The facilities like 30 wards and beds, a blood bank, an ambulance, self-powered equipment, and the safety protocols followed in all procedures. Eight medical specialties include anesthesiology, dentistry, plastic, facial and oral surgery, internal and family medicine, and dermatology. Unlike other single-department clinics, the all-in-one package includes a thorough diagnosis followed by a treatment procedure. The hospital’s medical staff has extensive experience in their areas of expertise. They provide high-quality services to patients.

Asian Cosmetic Surgery Specialists

South Korea is considered to be a leader in the field of cosmetic surgery, particularly for Asian patients. This is due to several factors, including:

  1. High quality of care: South Korean doctors and clinics are known for their expertise and use of cutting-edge technology.
  2. Wide range of options: South Korea offers a wide range of cosmetic surgery options, from traditional procedures like double eyelid surgery to more advanced procedures like facial contouring.
  3. Cultural understanding: South Korean surgeons are familiar with the unique facial features and aesthetics of Asian patients, which can lead to more natural-looking results.
  4. Affordable prices: South Korea is known for offering high-quality cosmetic surgery at a lower cost than many other countries.
  5. Strong reputation in the field: South Korea has a reputation for being a leader in cosmetic surgery, attracting patients from all over the world.

Services and Approach

Institution certified by the Ministry of Health and Welfare

Poly-Clinic System

The medical teams from 5 departments set surgery plans rigorously behind the scenes for patients’ safety and satisfying result. All medical teams of id Hospital come together for a planning conference every Wednesday night.

Teams of 5 medical departments: plastic surgery, oral and maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics, otolaryngology, and anesthesiology, design surgery plans for consultation, diagnosis, and examination to achieve patients’ safety and satisfying result.

High-tech Building

id Hospital’s building has a high-tech system integrating the hospital’s philosophy of patient safety from the beginning of the construction process.

Construction of id Hospital’s building started from our concern and care for the safety of incoming patients. Under the principle of ‘Safety as the basis’, id Hospital created a high-tech building with Uninterruptible Power Supply System, fire-resistant construction, and Air Shower System in confidence.

point image 16

Air Shower System
point image 17

Uninterruptible Power Supply System
point image 18

Fire-proof construction on all floors
point image 19

Central monitoring system
point image 20

Recovery room and intensive care unit
point image 21

Diagnosis system
point image 22

3D CT for accurate diagnosis
point image 23

Spacious and comfortable wards

8 Specialized Systems

id hospital runs eight specialized systems by department, operating a poly-clinic system from diagnosis to aftercare.

8 Teams Specialized in Facial Plastic Surgery

Not even a minor mistake should be allowed for the beauty of our customers. Id Hospital operates eight specialized systems for plastic surgery, and we do our best to give you satisfying results through one-time surgery with a poly-clinic system.

point image 24
point image 25-1

point image 25-2

Mouth protrusion
point image 25-3

Facial contouring
point image 25-4

Eye/nose surgery
point image 25-5

Young · Elasticity
point image 25-6

Breast · Body contouring
point image 25-7

point image 25-8


Aftercare System

Aftercare is as important as the surgery. Id Hospital collaborates with Facediet, a professional premium aesthetic brand, to make your recovery fast.

To enhance surgery results in Aftercare System.

Surgery result is predictable by the skill of the medical team, but the condition after surgery depends on aftercare. Id collaborates with a professional premium aesthetic brand Facediet for customized care to shorten the recovery time and enhance surgery results.

VIP Service

id Hospital serves all customers as VIPs and does its best to provide service for the convenience of all patients. Customer-centered VIP Service

Clients can come in at the desired time and become VIPs when they visit id Hospital.

Hotel-style service, limousine service, and customized service are provided, and we always do our best to make our service satisfactory.

Card image cap

Hotel-style Service

You can use the coffee shop on the 1st floor without charge. Personal TV and computers in waiting areas will make you feel comfortable.

Card image cap

Limousine Service

Limousine service is provided, taking our patients home after discharge, to help you with fast recovery.

Card image cap

Customized Clinic

The special clinic provides customized service to test-prep students, exchange students, brides-to-be, and foreigners set for their lifestyle.

ID Hospital Featured Surgeons

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