Dental Treatments

Dental holiday packages in Thailand & Malaysia

Whether you have some overdue dental work, a new set of dentures, implants or simply want white teeth, we can arrange for all appointments to take place while you are on holiday.

We currently offer dental treatments in three of our destinations:


  • Imperial Dental Centre


  • Bangkok – YahneeInternatioal Hospital (has one of the largest dental centres in Asia)
  • Phuket – Phuket Smile Signature Dentist

Many treatments require more than one visit and each appointment has to be scheduled around other surgical appointments, so it is important that you let your booking manager know that you wish to book some dentistry so she can book the orthodontic treatment at the same time as any other procedures you may be having..

Important: Due to the complexity of some dental cases, we cannot give you a guarantee of the amount of days that you need to travel – this will only be given to you after a thorough consultation with the dental surgeon. We suggest that you remain flexible with your travel plans in case you need to stay longer away eg. purchase a flexible air ticket. Gorgeous Getaways cannot be responsible for extension costs on your flights and accommodation if the dentist requires you to stay longer to complete your orthodontic treatment plan.