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The global flow of patients across borders has changed the patterns of demand and supply of healthcare services over the recent decade. Gorgeous Getaways has been in the Medical Tourism industry




True beauty is a holistic approach – not just about physical changes, but also having vitality, energy and inner calmness. We have the support and service to assist you throughout your holiday, which leads to an altogether better outcome than you would ever get from a day surgery at home.


Arm Lift

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Procedures: Liposuction to Abdomen, Hips, Thighs and Back Cost of holiday: Approximately $10,500, inclusive of surgery, hospital stay, 4-star accommodation for 14 days; all care and transfers on the ground in Malaysia. Cost of just the treatments.


Plastic Surgery Financing

Financing Options

Gorgeous Getaways is pleased to offer a patient financing option (cosmetic procedures) through Mac Credit! The procedures that are covered range from cosmetic surgery, lasik to dental restoration. Best of all, you may begin your treatments immediately – no waiting!


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Thank you so much for the concern Paula, you have been great to me and on top of the communication through this whole adventure I have taken.
Cyn, Australia
Upon arrival at the airport I was met and taken to my hotel room and I must say the hotel (Hilton) and environs were beyond expectation! All the medical staff were just wonderful and I at no time felt any apprehension.
Carole, New Zealand
Gorgeous Getaways puts the patient first, from the moment you land till you leave. I am very happy and satisfied with the outcome of all my procedures and recommend anyone interested in surgery to go with Gorgeous Getaways.
Shelly, Australia

Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Holidays in Thailand & Malaysia

Gorgeous Getaways partners with the leading hospitals and specialist surgeons to offer a comprehensive range of cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures, for people who wish to have specific or multiple treatments.

Please follow the link to read about the procedures you are interested in. This is a guide to cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures only; you will be given personal information relating to your treatment after you are assessed by your surgeon.

We can advise you on many procedures: from breast implants to rhinoplasty.

We don’t just offer cosmetic surgery & plastic surgery. While on holiday, why don’t you take advantage of the great exchange rates and low prices and choose other treatments including:
Non-surgical – including facial laser and chemical peels, wrinkle reduction, fillers etc.
– Pampering and massage treatments

After deciding on your treatment/s, please select your level of accommodation and service packages, depending on your budget and service/pampering needs.

Complete our online form and get a free, no-obligation quote for your dream you.

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Satisfaction Guarantee


At Gorgeous Getaways we stand by the service that we offer believing in quality of care and client satisfaction. That commitment extends to our clients long after they have returned home. Our CarePlus Policy is designed to give you peace of mind.

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Breast Implants Before and After


Our Yummy Mummy Makeover post-pregnancy package includes our most-popular procedures for mums to restore their body to pre-pregnancy shape. Together with a relaxing, tropical holiday our packages ensure that you get the results that you are looking for and a peaceful stress-free recovery.
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