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Why Do I Need Surgical Drains ?

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Drains Can Be Your Best Friends Whenever you have a cosmetic surgery procedure, such as Arm Lift, Breast Surgery, Tummy Tuck or Facial Rejuvenation, you will need "surgical drains".   Your Cosmetic Surgeon will need you to bear with the drains for a couple of days, even if this is a little stressful.   And you need

More Stories About our Happy Patients

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We already shared with you some stories of our happy patients in Cancun.  Today we will share with you some more but this time from Galenia Hospital (JCI).  These patients were operated by Dr. Alicia Benavides and/or Dr. Nain Maldonado. Shannon - She was one of our very first patients to visit Cancun after its

Why Should I Choose Gorgeous Getaways?

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This is a very good question that I have been asked many times.   Booking your cosmetic surgery depends on your specific needs and expectations.  These are the four basic types of patients that travel abroad.  Because you are reading this, it is most likely that you are the "experienced patient" that is carefully assessing options

About some of our Happy Patients in Cancun, MX

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As you know, Mexico does not have entry requirements since its reopening on June, 2020.  This is one of the reasons why we have had many patients choosing this destination for their cosmetic surgeries.   Other reason is that prices are affordable offering quality and good service.  Here are little stories of some of our happy

What is an Otoplasty Surgery ?

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Otoplasty is also known as Ear Surgery and its goal is to reshape your ears.    This procedure can correct any structural abnormality.  There are different types of Ear Surgery, depending on your needs.  Ear Surgery is performed on the auricle or the ear lobes. A high-skilled cosmetic surgeon is capable to correct the size,

Rhinoplasty: Functional or Cosmetic ?

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All-In-One Rhinoplasty A Rhinoplasty can be funcional and cosmetic.   Functional Rhino is focused on nasal function, meaning normal breathing.  It addresses any structural issues or past trauma that causes obstruction.  This results in a permanent improvement in breathing and quality of life.  On the other hand, Cosmetic Rhino focuses on the enhancement of the appearance

Why Cosmetic Surgery Overseas is so Popular despite the Pandemic ?

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Almost everyone of us know someone who has undergo a cosmetic surgery procedure.  Whether it is to beautify the body, the face or the teeth, they have done it.  The odds are pretty high that you have also had a procedure already, or you are probably thinking about it. More people than ever before are

Spring Specials: Cosmetic Surgery in Cancun, MX

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We are proud to only partner with the best hospitals and surgeons all over the world.  In Cancun, MX there is no exception and we work with the best Surgeons at Galenia Hospital (JCI) and Azura Hospital (former Victoria).  Now we are pleased to also offer you Amerimed Hospital, which is the favorite for Expats

Do I Need to Exchange my Breast Implants ?

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Have you ever thought about exchanging your breast implants ?  It is a fact that these devices that makes us look amazing, do not last forever.  Breast Implants procedure has always been one of the favorites for women that want to look sexy and attractive.  Since the last decade, natural looks are trending and regular

Malaysia an Ideal Wellness Destination

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We started in Malaysia in 2004 Gorgeous Getaways was the first independent operator to start cosmetic surgery holidays in Malaysia back in 2004.  In that time we are fortunate to have so many happy members with great results.  With great shopping trips to amazing malls, and tours to see the elephant sanctuary, fire-flys, and Batu

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