Review Guidelines

Participation in the Gorgeous Getaways Customer Review program comes with certain guidelines which you agree to follow by submitting your review.  Here is how the Customer Review process works.

A member of our team will read all posts, reviews and comments before they appear on the site. Gorgeous Getaways reserves the […]

Tips For Writing Reviews

Customer Reviews may be written only by the person who received the services arranged by Gorgeous Getaways – our customers! Explain the “why” of your Customer Review. Why was your experience great, good, fair, or poor? Knowing why something exceeded or did not meet your expectations is important.

Provide details. Focus […]

The Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar? Since 5,000 B.C., the Babylonians had been using it as a preservative and condiment; and long before Cleopatra’s costly cocktail, Hippocrates had extolled vinegar’s medicinal qualities. In fact, the Vinegar Institute (yes there is a vinegar institute) touts the tart liquid as one of our earliest remedies.

Throughout the […]

Travelling for Cosmetic Surgery – Do your Homework!

There are thousand of agencies that promote themselves as “experts” in cosmetic surgery holidays that we encourage all clients to do their homework before booking your holiday.  Here is a simple list to keep in mind.

How long has the company been in business? There has been an explosion of […]

Sam Beauty and the Beach Thailand*

This is Sam’s story:

I first started considering plastic surgery about 4 years ago – when I turned 19 and started working in an office, I put on weight. This in turn made my breasts bigger, and then when I lost the weight my breasts shrank and sagged. They had no shape […]