Book your surgery package with $ 99! Usually you are requested the 10% or 15% to make a booking. It secures your price for the next 6-9-12 months, and your surgery date is scheduled.   Other companies request at least 30% or 40% for this matter, but we at Gorgeous Getaways strive to offer you the best deals.   Summer time in our fantastic destinations is perfect to go ahead with your dream surgery. For this matter, we have created the $ 99 booking, valid until September 31st, 2022, which applies to all our current promotions, surgery packages and standard prices.

So why would you keep waiting to make your dreams come true?

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Request your Cosmetic Firmquote™

If you are planning to have your cosmetic surgery done in the next couple of months, go ahead and request your firmquote: Click Here.   It will include your medical history and photos. We will forward your complete file to our Surgeons and will come back with their feedback and a taylor-made quote for you.   We also invite you to check our Standard Price List in our website or just download our App available for Android and Apple.  You can also join our New Community where you can chat with of us about how to book your surgery package with $ 99!

Request your Dental Firmquote™

If you would like to combine your cosmetic surgery with dental treatments, you just need to fill in your medical history and upload your panoramic x-rays and photos.   In the next couple of days we will provide you with a taylor-made quote and the Surgeons feedback.  Go ahead and Click Here

Earn High Interest on Your Savings

Our Patients Savings Plan offers you an interest from 5% to 7% on your deposited savings towards any procedure in any of our preferred destinations!   And it also includes recovery homes and guest houses that are part of the program.  So if you do not have yet a destination in mind, or are still unsure of your surgery date, you can start earning interests from now on. Go ahead and fill your request: Click Here.

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