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About our Free Wearable Monitoring Device

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Our Free Wearable Monitoring Device is a Next-Gen integral part of our post care support.   It is specially designed for remote patients and/or international travelers which residency is far from their Surgeons and Hospitals.   The device resembles a confortable watch, which you can wear during the day and at nights.  It monitors your biometrics  before

Bonus: Extra 10% off Your Quote + Free Wearable Device

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Get an extra 10% off Your Quote + Free Wearable Device. Post care support is a very important part of your overall patient experience, especially for international medical travellers and remote patients. Maintaining life long healthy goals and habits will also make sure you have the best long term results from any procedure you

Get a 30% Off – Join our GG Talent Show

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Are you ready to get a 30% off?    Join our GG Talent Show!!   We are looking for the 5 (five) lucky winners.   Their prize will be a 30% off their upcoming cosmetic or weight loss surgery.  Transferable to friends and family!   If you are one of our amazing GG Members, you qualify! GG Talent

Summer Special – Save 15% off your Surgery Package

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Summer Special - Save 15% off your Surgery Package Starting today, we are delighted to offer another great promotion "Summer Special - Save 15% off your surgery package" in select destinations. Claim your 15% off coupon now! Click Here Terms & Conditions Valid until September 30th, 2022 A booking of $ 99 USD is


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