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Dr Suka Adnyana

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Dr Suka Adnyana Specialties: Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Location: Bali, Indonesia Languages: English, Bahasa Dr. Suka has completed numerous specialized training in skin aesthetics with a passion for facial aesthetics, body and breast contouring. His skills and experience and reputation have elevated him as one of the most recognized plastic surgeons in Bali. In

Is Tijuana a Safe Place For Cosmetic Surgery?

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After hearing this question many times, I can tell you:  Tijuana is Safe! Tijuana is a leader in education, politics, transportation, culture, art, and manufacturing.  Currently is one of the fastest-growing metropolitan areas in Mexico. Being the 6th-largest city and the center of the 6th-largest metro

Top 3 Reasons to Get a Cosmetic Surgery – Second Opinion

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Every week our team prepares hundreds of firmquotes with surgeon assessments to our members wanting to travel overseas for cosmetic surgery and other treatments.  What might surprise you is how many requests we get for second opinions. Here are the top 3 reasons why patients seek a second opinion. 1. I disagree with the assessment

Let’s Talk Privately… Why Choose A Designer Vagina?

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What is it Really? Vaginal tightening, vaginal rejuvenation, flower arrangement, landscaping, labiaplasty. These are some common terms used when we talk about vaginoplasty. But what is it really? More and more women are interested in getting this procedure for varying reasons. The most common response is they want to restore the tone of their


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