Bariatric Surgery Simulation

Bariatric Surgery Simulation. With our surgery simulator, simulating bariatric surgery on your own photos is easy! Upload your own photos in seconds, and experiment with different outcomes all from the comfort and privacy of your own home!

The program works best on profile body photos. Once you are done reshaping your body, you can send your before and after photos to your plastic surgeon to discuss the possibilities.

Bariatric Surgery Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1 : Using brush size slider, adjust brush size to size of gut.
Step 2 : Click and drag stomach towards torso to remove fat.
Step 3 : You may wish to repeat step 1 a couple of times.
Step 4 : If needed, use Un-reshape tool to repair unwanted distortions. To use Un-reshape tool, click and drag over distorted area.
Step 5 : Click before/after menu item to compare the simulated result to the original, side by side!

Bariatric Surgery Simulator Video

Step 3: Next Steps

To give us a proper idea of what you’re looking for you can:

  • Request a virtual consultation with one of our surgeons, and bring a copy of your updated image to your consultation. Please note that sometimes there is a fee.  We will let you know if fees are applicable.
  • Request a personalized quote and attach a copy of your photo (s), for the surgeon to review
  • Book a virtual consultation.  This is also a great opportunity to ask any questions about cosmetic surgery holidays.