Procedures: – Rhinoplasty, temporal lift and Blephoplasty

This is Lee’s story:

I considered surgery as I was dissatisfied with my side profile of my nose and thought that my nasal passage always felt clogged and limited for air when breathing. I felt I would be a lot more confident and comfortable having surgery to correct this. Also, I had mild Bals Palsy that caused the right hand side of my face to appear tired with an unsymmetrical appearance, the muscles on one side of the face were stronger than the other so when I smiled it was more obvious as you use your face muscles all the time.

I have wanted to have this corrected for some time, it had bothered me for at least the last 5 years. I was nervous however after talking to the staff at GORGEOUS GETAWAYS I felt more enthusiastic and prepared to go ahead with the surgery.

I have never seen such a clean, professional and welcoming hospital environment. There was nothing that I could fault.

I would be comfortable to say that my expectation were well and truly superseded. 

Recovery was ok I guess… It did make a huge difference to be in close proximity to the hospital and the hotel catered to my needs and I just felt that the combination of holiday and surgery together worked really well. I would have loved to have stayed a little longer as I enjoyed myself so much.

I love my new look! I had to have some time to transition as this was a change to the appearance to my face however time has progressed and everyday I sit and wonder “why I never got it done sooner?’

It can be a little scary but my Dr was so great with everything he explained everything exceptionally, I could not have asked for anything more as the whole experience was great.

I would advise that any questions (there are no stupid questions) you wish to ask to write them down beforehand.

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*These case studies are actual feedback that patients have provided and the photos have not been digitally enhanced. Every patient is an individual and therefore results will vary from patient to patient.