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Deborah, New Zealand

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Procedure: Facelift. Destination: Malaysia. Hospital: Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre. Surgeon: Dr Nasir. I have undergone a mid, lower face and neck facelift as well as lower and upper eyelid surgery at the Beverly Wiltshire  Medical Centre in Kuala Lumpur,  which was organised through GORGEOUS GETAWAYS. I was very apprehensive at first but researched the company

Leanne Beecher

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Procedures: Breast Reduction with Lift, Hip to Hip Tummy Tuck. Hospital: Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Surgeon: Dr Jalil. Pullman Hotel Kuala Lumpur Leanne had been considering a procedure with GORGEOUS GETAWAYS for six years, after a recommendation from a work mate. And after loosing 52 kilos with the


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Procedure: Gender Reassignment Surgery, Breast Implants. Hospital: Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute. Surgeon: Dr Sanguan   After many years of considering the procedure, April decided it was time to take the plunge and travel to Phuket for Gender Reassignment Surgery with Dr Sanguan. With her mother along for support, April embarked on one of the most

Catherine Elliot

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From: Queensland, Australia. Procedure: Vaser Liposuction, Tummy Tuck. Hospital: Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute, Phuket, Thailand. Surgeon: Dr Piyapas. 10 weeks post surgery. After birthing three children, and multiple abdominal surgeries, 54 year old Cathy was left with a sagging stomach that could not be worked off, or dieted away. With an already compromised mid- section, Cathy underwent major surgery

Nicola Ball

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Procedure: Tummy Tuck, Vaser Liposuction, Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift. Hospital: Yanhee International Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand. Surgeon: Dr Suthat. After losing a massive 40 kgs, and keeping it off for three years, Nicky still found herself hiding away under loose outfits. The struggle of weight loss was over, but the loose skin that remained was impossible to lose without surgery.

Susan and Kelvin Cloutter

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  From: Queensland, Australia. Procedures: Susan- upper blepharoplasty, mid/lower face lift, neck lift, under chin muscle tightening. Kelvin- direct brow lift, upper and lower blepharoplasty. Hospital: Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute, Phuket, Thailand. Surgeon: Dr Pirinya. This is Susan’s second trip to Phuket with GORGEOUS GETAWAYS. She was so pleased with the results from her first trip (a Rhinoplasty procedure

Amelia’s Surgery Holiday In Thailand*

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Procedures: Facial Feminisation - Revision rhinoplasty, Lip augmentation, Chin augmentation Before After This is Amelia's story: I previously had plastic surgery at another clinic on my face, and was not happy with the outcome. The previous surgery was performed three years ago and I had a consultation in Australia to

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