We are pleased to announce that we have become partners with Zurich/Novamar Insurance. If you are traveling to Mexico to undergo your dream surgery with our Surgeons/Hospitals, go for it.  The Medical Travel Insurance Policy in Mexico is available for patients from 18 to 60 years old. It applies to plastic, bariatric, dental or a major surgery, and it is available for international patients, regardless their nationality. The Medical Travel Insurance Policy s is a major benefit, and you would be covered in the event of a medical complication, such as:

  1. Cardiopulmonary disorders such as: myocardial infarction, arrhythmia, hypoxia, pulmonary dysfunction, embolism
  2. Those related to surgery: hemorrhages, bruises and infections
  3. Those related to anesthesia: severe hypotension, severe hypertension
  4. Postoperative: sepsis, pneumonia, urinary tract infections
  5. Other complications in Bariatric Surgeries, such as: gastric leak, postoperative hernia and occlusion with a sub-limit of $ 2,500 USD

What is a Medical Complication?

A Medical Complication is the result of the occurrence of various factors that give rise to an additional treatment.

What is the Policy’s Coverage ?

From $ 20,000 USD to $ 50,000 USD for medical complications.

What is the Policy’s Premium ?

It depends on the type of treatment, cost of the procedure, and how many days you are staying in Mexico. For example:

  • With a $ 50,000 USD coVerage, a non-bariatric surgery with a cost of $ 7,000 USD with a 10-days stay, the policy’s premium is around $ 629 USD
  • With a $ 50,000 USD coverage, a bariatric surgery with a cost of $ 7,000 USD with a 5-days stay, the policy’s premium is around $ 809 USD

How Does it Work?

  • Coverage of Expenses such as Medical fees, Hospital, Transfers and Accommodation, caused by a Medical Complication.
  • No deductible
  • Without Coinsurance
  • Direct Payment to Doctors and Hospitals and/or Reimbursement
  • Coverage up to 12 months
  • Any kind of surgery applies, except those of professional, occupational, speech, recreation, or music therapy

Medical Expenses Coverage Limits

  • Additional Medical Expenses with sub-limit of $ 2,500 USD for gastric leak, postoperative hernia and occlusion
  • Additional daily hospital room $ 100 USD per day/10 days maximum
  • Additional medical consultations $ 250 USD per consultation/10 days maximum
  • Travel and accommodation daily expenses $ 100 USD per day/10 days maximum
  • Additional travel expenses $ 100 USD
  • Accommodation and plane ticket for non-scheduled visit to the doctor up to 12 months later: Included
  • Trip cancellation $ 400 USD
  • Trip delay $ 100 USD per day/3 days maximum
  • Travel liability $ 50,000 USD
  • Accidental death $ 1,000 USD
  • Loss of luggage $ 100 USD after 12 hours

How Do I Get It?

Just click here, fill your information and make your payment.  Or you can contact me directly at [email protected]  I will obtain your policy and issue your invoice for payment.

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Our Patients Savings Plan offers you an interest from 5% to 7% on your deposited savings towards any procedure in any of our preferred destinations!   And it also includes recovery homes and guest houses that are part of the program.  So if you do not have yet a destination in mind, or are still unsure of your surgery date, you can start earning interests from now on. Go ahead and fill your request: Click Here.

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