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Claim Your Coupon – Save 10% on Your Surgical Package

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Exclusive offer on any surgery package or destination Only available till May 31, 2022. Special Promotion for all our partner hospitals for all procedures in all destinations. Valid procedures include: cosmetic surgery, bariatic, dental, gender transition, hair restoration, and orthopedics. Claim My Discount NEXT STEPS: Claim My Coupon You

Webinar – How to Use Your Superannuation to Fund Your Medical Holiday

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If your considering a surgical holiday, but your limited by funds, and you don’t want to finance additional debt, you might want to consider using your superannuation, or starting a medical savings plan. Introducing, Mary Barker our Australian consultant who can give you professional advice on how you can use your superannuation for certain

Now Booking – Phuket Sandbox – 5 Easy Steps

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Booking Your Thailand Beauty Vacation I am delighted to see so many requests again for Thailand and are pleased to be able you with your inquiries.  If considering Phuket, Thailand for your medical vacation this article serves as an easy-to-follow guide about the "Phuket Sandbox" - How to enter Thailand without quarantine. I am

Malaysia – Opening up on April 1st, 2022

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We are delighted that Malaysia is opening up on April 1st, 2022, and encourage clients interested in Malaysia as your preferred destination, to contact us to update your quotes and reserve your surgery dates.  We are working closely with all our hospitals, specialists and hotels in Malaysia, to find the best offers for our

Expert Advice – Use Superannuation for Procedures

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We've partnered with the superhealth team in Australia to give you professional advice on how you can use your superannuation for certain procedures in Australia. GORGEOUS GETAWAYS and The Super Health Team work together to provide you with quick and easy answers regarding your eligibility for early release of super on compassionate grounds.  ​Why use an

Trending Procedures, Destinations & Surgeons

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2021 was a complicated year, maybe much more than 2020.   However, 2022 brings us a new beginning, a clean slate.  While many people are still living in fear because of the horrific everyday news,  some others are still 100% positive about the future.  And so are you and us in Gorgeous Getaways.    We have

Hospital Requirements in Amazing Mexico

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Mexico has no travel restrictions, no quarantine, and no antigen or PCR tests required to enter the country.  It does not require vaccine passport  either, and you will be granted from 30 to 180 days stay. Traveling for medical purposes is on-demand for the winter season.  So you will definitely enjoy amazing Cancun or romantic

30-Day Visitors Permit to Stay in Mexico

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If you are an experienced traveler with many visits to Mexico, you are aware of the 180-day permit to stay in the country.  However, now some permits are being granted for a 30-day stay or less.  This has been shocking for many foreigners that are arriving with the intention of moving into the country. Mexican

Visit Our Ladies Shapewear Shop !!!

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Because we value our customers, now we have available our online shop where you will find many different ladies shapewear to enhance your silhouette !  Prices are very affordable and the product quality is excellent.   Just click here and browse around.  You will find leggins, ultra-shapping body suits, waist-thigh slimmers, gym belts, weight loss thermal


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