Profession: Administration
Age: 28
Country: New Zealand
Procedures: Breast Augmentation
Cost of holiday: Approximately NZD$8,000, inclusive of surgery, hospital stay, 4-star accommodation for 10 days; all care and transfers on the ground in Malaysia. Cost of just the treatments at home AUD$16,000+

From A to DD cups – Nancy is beyond happy with her new look.





This is her story:
I wanted to have a breast augmentation for about 10 years. I was always hesitant as I was scared that surgery would be very painful and that I wouldn’t be able to find an experienced breast augmentation specialist in New Zealand that would be able to meet my expectations. 

After thinking about having breast implants and researching for many years I decided to have surgery when I saw an article in the Women’s Weekly about cosmetic surgery getaways through GORGEOUS GETAWAYS and Dr Jalil in Malaysia. I liked that I could have surgery in a top hospital overseas with a very experienced surgeon, as well as the privacy aspect of going to another country. 

I was sick of always having to wear padded bras and how much my wardrobe was restricted by my bust size. I would even wear padded inserts in my bikini top when swimming as I was so self conscious. I had worked hard at the gym to be fit and healthy and had a slim figure but didn’t have the bust I wanted that I felt would complete the package so to speak. There was no way I would ever be seen (even in front of my family) without some form of padding. 

I went to a couple of consults in New Zealand but they didn’t really have the experience in breast augmentation surgery compared to Dr Jalil who has done approximately three breast augmentations a week for over 20 years. 

The surgeons I saw in NZ were also very conservative as far as size implant they would be willing to use (under 250cc) which I felt would not achieve the cup size I wanted. I had also not heard of the brand of implants they used and wanted Mentor brand implants which are the best known throughout the world as the best, and is the brand that Dr Jalil uses. 

I did a lot of research about the surgery and sent many emails to Dr Jalil and GORGEOUS GETAWAYS about my upcoming surgery as I wanted to know all of the risks and have all of my concerns answered before I decided to actually book my holiday and surgery. Only my boyfriend knew about the surgery as I felt it was a private decision made by myself about my body and I wanted to keep it to myself. 

We arrived in KL a few days before surgery. I made the most of shopping and a bit of sightseeing before my consult with Dr Jalil as I didn’t know how I would be feeling after surgery. 

I met my GORGEOUS GETAWAYS customer service manager the day after I arrived. They soon helped dissolve any trepidation I was feeling with their helpful and friendly manner. A lady from the surgical garment shop came to my room for a fitting of my surgical bra which is when it really started to sink in that I was having surgery. 

The next day after that I booked in for some dental work, went to the zoo to pass some time and then finally the consult with Dr Jalil at the hospital. I was quite nervous as surgery would be the next day and it felt quite surreal after 10 years of research and planning. 

The moment I stepped into Dr Jalil’s office and talked to him about surgery I felt 10x better and not nervous at all. I was quite prepared with photos from cosmetic urgery magazines and websites about the size I wanted to achieve, as well as what I thought looked too small or too large. He answered all of my concerns at made me really feel at ease. I tried on different sized implants to see which size looked the best. 

The consult with Dr Jalil was well over an hour but I was made to feel welcome and to take as much time as I need. Then it was time to go back to the hotel to have a good night’s sleep and prepare for surgery the next morning. Surprisingly I slept easily and woke the next day early so I could have a small breakfast before the nil-by-mouth deadline of 5am. 

My GORGEOUS GETAWAYS manager and driver arrived to pick me and my boyfriend up and take us to the hospital. I was taken to my room and introduced to my nurse. Dr Jalil came into my room and marked me up for surgery, then it was time to change into my gown. I kissed my boyfriend goodbye and was wheeled down to surgery. 

My GORGEOUS GETAWAYS manager held my hand until they took me into the theatre waiting area. The anaesthetist introduced himself to me and asked if I had any questions. I was wheeled into theatre where it was very clean and rock music was playing which was very calming! Then it was off to la-la land.

When I woke up, I was pretty groggy and my chest felt very heavy, it was almost hard to breathe but luckily this passed after just a few minutes. I was taken back to my room and was attached to a morphine drip that had a button that I could press if I felt any pain. I was not really in pain more a tightness/stiffness. 

I lifted my hospital gown and had a peek at my new boobs and they looked amazing, I couldn’t believe they were mine! I dozed on and off until my boyfriend arrived and I couldn’t wait to show him my new assets! He thought they looked good. I didn’t feel like eating that night but was very thirsty. 

The next day Dr Jalil came to check how things were and then I was discharged and taken back to the hotel. I had a wee nap and then walked with my boyfriend to the restaurant next door to the hotel. The next couple of days my chest felt quite stiff like pulled muscles after overdoing it at the gym but not painful. I tried to drink lots and l ots of water, take arnica tablets, and walk around as much as possible. GORGEOUS GETAWAYS nurses came to visit, shower and dress my wounds for three days after surgery, as well as my GORGEOUS GETAWAYS manager who would visit daily. 

The third day after surgery I was feeling great and even managed a short shopping trip to the nearby mall and supermaket. I felt that walking, drinking lots of fluids and taking arnica, as well as the surgical compression bra really helped to minimize the swelling and pain. I was expecting my boobs to look very swollen, weird and high up on my chest but they looked fine. I could finally throw out the dreaded padded bra!

We visited the aquarium, and butterfly park on the fourth day which was amazing and lots of fun. I had a checkup with Dr Jalil as I had some fluid retention/bloating in my tummy, but this is normal after having an anaesthetic. 

We spent the next few days shopping, visting the fish spa, and sightseeing and then it was time for my final check up and post op photos with Dr Jalil. We flew to Singapore for a few days on the way home and I rested for a few days before heading back to work. 

I felt back to normal only a week after surgery and it was such a great feeling to not wear a padded bra! In Singapore, I bought a gorgeous dress with spaghetti straps and wore it out for dinner (without a bra!) which was the most exciting feeling, I almost cried with happiness! 

After about six weeks wearing the surgical bra, I went a bit crazy shopping for new bras. It was very cool going from buying A cup bras to DD cup bras! The front of the rack to the back where all the big sizes were was very strange but very exciting. When we went on holiday a few months later, it was great to feel confident in lots of new bikinis without having to worry about padding!

The biggest tip I can tell others is to do a lot of research on your procedure so you know all the risks and benefits, exercise daily so you are in really good health before surgery. 

Bring photos of your ideal look to the surgeon as well as what you don’t like. Make sure you ask lots of questions to put your mind at ease. If you are having implants, I would definitely reccomend getting a couple of surgical bras made especially for breast implant surgery, as I felt they made a huge amount of difference to swelling/pain, as well as taking arnica after surgery. Drink LOTS of water and try to move around e.g gentle walking as much as possible. 

GORGEOUS GETAWAYS were extremely helpful, taking me to appointments etc and visiting me each day after surgery. The service was fantastic, as was the follow up care from the GORGEOUS GETAWAYS team and Dr Jalil. It was great being pampered on holiday and feeling so well looked after before and after surgery. I would recommend anyone considering surgery with Dr Jalil and GORGEOUS GETAWAYS to go for it!

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